The Night Time Industries Association (NTIA) is calling on all Political Parties to recognise the vital importance of the Night Time Economy (NTE) by implementing a comprehensive national strategy and appointing dedicated leadership within central government. This appeal is underscored by the following key proposals aimed at fostering growth, resilience, and sustainability within the sector:

  1. Appoint a Minister for the Night Time Economy: NTIA urges the establishment of a dedicated ministerial position to oversee and champion the Night Time Economy at the highest level of government. This role will ensure focused attention and strategic direction for the sector.
  2. Establish Regional Representatives: To facilitate effective communication and coordination across regions, NTIA recommends appointing regional representatives. These individuals will work closely with local authorities and stakeholders to ensure the national strategy is effectively implemented at the local level.
  3. Develop a Central Government Strategy for the Night Time Economy: A national strategy is crucial for the cohesive management of the NTE. NTIA calls for this strategy to be given mandatory consideration by local governments, ensuring alignment and uniformity in policies that impact the night time economy.
  4. Align Local Policies with the National NTE Strategy: To create a unified approach, it is essential that local authorities align their policies with the national NTE strategy. This will foster a cohesive environment for managing the night time economy across the country.
  5. Transfer Control of NTE and Hospitality to DCMS: Shifting the oversight of the Night Time Economy and Hospitality to the Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport (DCMS) will provide a balanced focus on cultural, economic, and regulatory aspects, ensuring the sector’s diverse needs are met.
  6. Create an Integrated Licensing & Planning System: An integrated system will streamline processes, protect businesses, and create cost efficiencies. This system is essential for reducing bureaucratic barriers and fostering a supportive environment for NTE businesses.
  7. Reform Business Rates: Lowering the multiplier for NTE businesses will protect independent operators and preserve social and cultural hubs, which are the backbone of the night time economy.
  8. Reform VAT to European Standards: Aligning VAT with European levels will support recovery and growth, helping the sector rebound from the current crisis and remain competitive internationally.
  9. Elevate the Agent of Change Principle to Primary Legislation: Implementing this principle in primary legislation will protect existing businesses and communities.
  10. Introduce Mandatory Business Licensing for Security Providers: Creating consistent operating terms, tax parity, and compliance across the private security sector will enhance safety and reliability within the NTE.
  11. Implement a Heritage Protection Scheme for Venues and Cultural Spaces: Similar to protections for galleries, castles, and museums, this scheme will ensure the preservation of venues that are integral to the cultural fabric of our communities.
  12. Establish a National Fund to Support and Protect Cultural Venues: A dedicated fund will safeguard the future of our industry, ensuring that grass roots and cultural venues can continue to thrive and contribute to the economy and society.

Michael Kill, CEO of NTIA, stated, “The Night Time Economy is a critical component of our cultural and economic landscape. These measures are essential for its recovery, giving it the ability to grow and fuel regeneration. We urge all political parties to consider these important recommendations.”

Sacha Lord, Night Time Economy Advisor for Greater Manchester, said:
“The current government has failed the night time economy. All political parties should seize the opportunity in the coming weeks to understand the significant impact the night time economy has on both the economy and culture. It’s crucial to recognize that the patrons of our venues, events, and festivals are the voters of the future. Their experiences today will influence their decisions at the ballot box tomorrow.”

“Nightlife, encompassing the enjoyment of events with close friends, family, and communities, plays a vital role in people’s lives. The government’s neglect of this sector, especially in their prospective manifesto’s, undermines the future of high streets and cultural spaces. Night time cultural spaces not only bolster the local economy but also contribute significantly to the national economy. With proper support, they have the potential to recover, grow, and fulfill their crucial role.

For the complete NTIA Manifesto “Darkest Before the Dawn” Authored by Philip Kolvin KC please follow the link below:


Nikki McNeill | Global Publicity