Iceland Music

Iceland Music (ÚTÓN) is the export office of Icelandic music, working within the industry to bring Icelandic music to a global audience.

Iceland Music is the English-language arm of the export office of Icelandic music (ÚTÓN in Icelandic), and is a portal into the world of Icelandic music and the Icelandic music industry. A government-funded organisation, Iceland Music aims to market Icelandic music to international audiences, raising the profile and use of Icelandic music.

We are a member of NOMEX (Nordic Music Export), a pan-Nordic platform owned by the music export offices in Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden.

We facilitate the growth and development of the Icelandic music sector through building relationships between musicians and the various services that support their careers, such as festivals, PR and labels, and transnational promotion. Iceland Music administers a number of export grants to Icelandic musicians which help them perform internationally.

We are involved with music industry all over the globe and maintain a quarterly newsletter full to the brim of Icelandic music goodness.

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