Terraneo Logo copyFirst acts announced for Terraneo Festival: My Bloody Valentine, Azealia Banks, Calexico and The Bots.


Introducing Terraneo, a new festival in Croatia in the heart of the Dalmatian coastline, held in a disused military facility on the outskirts of the picturesque town of Šibenik. Taking place from 7th – 9th August the 3-day music programme will feature over 120 music acts on 3 open-air stages and 2 DJ stages attracting music lovers in search of world-class performances, glistening seas and endless sunshine. During the festival the disused military facility transforms into a bustling little town with an especially warm and intimate atmosphere. With an eclectic music programme featuring live performances and DJ sets from international acts, a non-stop party zone, workshops and lectures, exhibitions and performances, entertainment, ecology, bathing in the sea and the sun. From Monday 5th to Sunday 11th August there will also be Terraneo camp. All in all, Terraneo is a music festival that offers a whole week of unforgettable summer of fun in the sun! 

Terraneo aims to develop and nurture the concept of socially responsible and environmentally conscious entertainment. Furthermore, its goal is to promote the natural wealth and beauty of the region; to present Šibenik and Croatia as contemporary and attractive tourist destinations. Above all, Terraneo strives to be fun, to spread positive energy into the most relaxed time of year and to give visitors the opportunity to enjoy the music of popular names of the domestic music scene.

The first confirmed names for Terraneo 2013 are: My Bloody Valentine, Azealia Banks, Calexio, The Bots, Postolar, Tripper, Kawasaki 3P, Svi Na pod, Icarus Dawn

This is only the beginning, with more acts being announced soon and Terraneo establishing itself as one of the most anticipated summer festivals in the region, offering a unique and unforgettable summer experience.

On Tuesday, 16th April a new package of tickets goes on sale at the price of 60 Euros. This price is valid only until the next announcement about the performers.  

Tickets can be bought at authorized Terraneo ticket sellers: Dirty Old Shop (Zagreb), music bookstore Rockmark (Zagreb), Dallas Music Shop (Šibenik), Wine bar VINO&INO (Šibenik), as well as all the outlets of the Eventim ticket network, or online at  www.eventim.hr

Geting There:

By Air
Nearby airports are located in Split or Zadar: Zadar Airport (distance 70 km), Split Airport (distance 90 km).  Other airports are Zagreb and Dubrovnik.

By Train
The most environmentally friendly way to travel is the good old train. Train travel has always been a special experience and amazingly enough, Croatia has trains too. Mandalina train station in Šibenik is located only a 10-minute walk from the festival venue. Find out more about train timetables and connections at:   www.hzpp.hr

By Sea
Another wonderful thing about Terraneo is that it can also be reached by boat, yacht, canoe or even through your own swimming abilities. Šibenik Harbour is connected to all the neighbouring islands and towns by regular daily passenger ship and ferry lines: Vodice, Prvic, Kaprije, Žirje and Zlarin. Zadar harbour has regular daily ferry lines to Italy (Ancona), and our coastal towns and islands: Ugljan, Biograd, Pašman, Dugi otok and Iž.Split harbour has regular daily ferry lines to Italy (Ancona), and our coastal towns and islands: Split, Šolta, Brac. Hvar, Vis, Drvenik and Vela Luka. Split and Zadar harbours also run passenger lines: Rijeka-Zadar-Split-Korcula-Bari (IT). Since Terraneo Festival is located in the immediate vicinity of two marinas (Mandalina and Solaris), yachtsmen are welcomed to cast anchor in Šibenik for a few nights and enjoy the party at Terraneo.

Ferry and boat timetables and routes: www.jadrolinija.hr

There is the option of camping, staying in a hostel or hotel. Camping passes cost 26 Euros from Monday 5th to Sunday 11th August and the closest hotel is the Solaris Hotel Resort. More accommodation info can be found online here http://www.terraneofestival.com/info/smjestaj/?lang=en

About the Performers:

My Bloody Valentine are legends of the shoegaze scene. Their first album, “Loveless”, published 22 years ago, took almost two years to complete and nearly bankrupted their record label Creation Records. In spite of that, this fruitful album gained critical acclaim and became an icon of the shoegaze rhythm. The band disbanded soon after the album was published. This year they made a comeback with the album “m b v“, a master piece which will live in our loudspeakers for years to come.

Azealia Banks is a young rapper from Harlem who, as Billboard put it, “shook the blogosphere like a snow globe” with her arrival, when she topped the NME Cool list in 2011. She published her album “1991”, and her new album “Broke with Expensive Taste” should be coming out soon. Azealia is known for her constant feuds over Twitter with Rita Ora, Nicki Minaj, Lil’ Kim and many others.

Calexico is a band named after a small town of the same name near the border between the USA and Mexico. Calexico’s musical style is a mixture of traditional Latino music, country, 50s and 60s jazz and indie rock. Their latest album “Algiers”, recorded in New Orleans, can simply be described as a melting pot of different musical expressions.

Californian duo The Bots is described as a mixture of White Stripes and Black Keys. Brothers Mikaiah and Anaiah Leh are known for their fast-paced driving drums, grinding melodies and radical breakdowns. They published their first album when they were only 15 and 12 years old, respectively. Their songs can be described as “raw”, and “fresh”, as witnessed by their three studio albums, with the fourth one coming soon.

Postolar Tripper is a band from Zadar known for their frenzied live performances. The energy they give to their concert audiences is something that is talked about for days. After their second gastro single, “Tužna priča o selu” (also known as “Koga, čega, janjetine”), the then-hip-hop duo published the album “Sve što imam san ukra” and formed a band for live performances. This year the seven-member band marks its tenth year of performing.

Kawasaki 3p is a punk band from Zagreb which has been in existence for 20 year. They came into the public eye in 2003 with their controversial performance on Croatia’s XXXX when they shocked the public and gained the affection of the audience. For their debut studio album “Kawasaki 3P” they won a Porin music award for the best alternative music album. The trademark of this band is the sound of a saxophone and/or trumpet in their songs.

The name of the band Svi na pod! came about when a fanzine (a magazine published by fans of a cultural phenomenon) in the early 90s spoofed the cultural state of that time. They are currently a unique project in Serbia. Svi na pod! is and is not a band. By ignoring the definition of the word “band” and the inevitable determination of direction, as well as identification with it, a group of people gathered around an idea and an intention – to create good music. As such, they are one of the representatives of the new Serbian scene.

Icarus Down was formed in 2004 by a group of musicians who wanted to create a new sound which would separate them from all previous musical experiences. Because of that, it is very hard to define the type of music they perform, but it can be described as a mixture of alternative rock, post-rock, emo, hardcore and grunge.

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