BMC the UK's leading electronic music conference sets dates for 2025

BMC, the UK's leading electronic music conference and networking event sets dates for its 12th edition from 28th to 30th May 2025. A hub for the next generation of talent in electronic music, the award winning event brings together Industry-leading professionals with a packed programme of insightful talks, workshops and networking events.

“We always wanted to create an accessible event that everyone can enjoy and feel welcome.” says BMC founder Billy Mauseth. “We love supporting the next generation of talent and helping them on their career journey.  BMC is like a family, with a relaxed and friendly vibe where everyone can come together to learn, be inspired, network and enjoy amazing music and DJ sets.”

The new and improved ‘A&R Sessions’ will also return allowing up-and-coming artists and producers to gain immediate feedback on their tracks with leading A&Rs in the electronic music industry. Several tracks were signed this year and the A&R’s were very impressed with the quality of the productions presented.

“My first time at BMC was a fantastic experience. I found the opportunity to meet directly with the A&Rs of labels invaluable and it was great to make connections throughout the day at various mixers and panel discussions. Will definitely come again next year!” Angel Lee

BMC - Where Beats Means Business
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BMC Tickets
BMC Professional Pass - Golden Ticket - £115 + b/f (limited availability)
A&R Sessions - Bolt on - Super Earlybird - £33.20 + b/f
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About Brighton Music Conference
The award-winning BMC (Brighton Music Conference) is the UK's leading electronic music conference and networking event, focusing on innovation, education & the key issues facing the electronic dance music sector.  BMC brings together Industry-leading professionals, the next generation of talent and electronic music enthusiasts with a packed programme of insightful talks, workshops and networking events. BMC was also awarded by the NTIA at the  Ambassadors of the Night Awards 2019 for their work and commitment to developing awareness and education of the UK Electronic Music Scene internationally within the NTE.

BMC also supports the charity Last Night A DJ Saved My Life.


Positivus Festival has grown to become a cornerstone of Baltic culture and entertainment

Since its beginning in 2007, Positivus Festival has grown to become a cornerstone of Baltic culture and entertainment. For the past 15 years the festival has evolved into a must-attend event in the vibrant capital city of Latvia, Riga. Situated on the picturesque island of Lucavsala, nestled near the tranquil waters of the Daugava river, Positivus has seamlessly integrated into its urban surroundings while maintaining its enchanting connection with nature.

Year after year, Positivus continues to captivate audiences with its eclectic mix of chart-topping superstars and emerging talents, ensuring there's something for everyone to enjoy. From soul-stirring ballads to pulsating beats, the festival promises an unforgettable experience that transcends musical boundaries.

But Positivus is more than just a music festival; it's a playground for exploration and discovery. Festival-goers have the opportunity to engage in various activities and immerse themselves in the lively atmosphere, creating memories that will last a lifetime.

In 2024, Positivus will feature a star-studded lineup that includes global sensation Jason Derulo, who will headline the LMT stage. Known for his spectacular dance shows and infectious hits, Derulo promises a performance filled with energy and excitement. Since his breakthrough with the hit single "Whatcha Say," Derulo has sold over 250 million singles worldwide, with a string of platinum hits like "Wiggle," "Talk Dirty," and "Savage Love."

The festival's diverse lineup also includes Migos member Offset, whose second solo album "Set It Off" has been a major success. British rock group Nothing But Thieves will return, bringing their worldwide fame and dynamic discography. Grammy Award-winning jazz pianist Jacob Collier will grace the stage with his innovative "Djesse Solo Show," while the unique voice and performance of Benjamin Clementine will enchant audiences.

Positivus will also feature the collaboration of Arcade Fire's Will Butler with Sister Squares, hometown favorites Detlef, and Latvian rap pioneer Ozols. Rising stars like Manchester's Picture Parlor and Australian duo Royel Otis will make their Positivus debut, promising fresh and exciting performances.

The festival celebrates a wide range of genres and artists, from the melodic sounds of Daddy Was a Milkman to the modern rock of Satellites LV. Hip-hop enthusiasts will enjoy performances by Ski Mask the Slump God and local talent Fiņķis. This year's festival will also showcase several Ukrainian artists, highlighting their resilience and creativity.

With just a few weekends left until the highly anticipated Positivus Festival, the lineup continues to grow, offering an array of musical talents and experiences. From internationally acclaimed acts to local legends, Positivus 2024 promises to be an extraordinary celebration of music, culture, and community.

Line-up: Jason Derulo, Offset, Nothing But Thieves, Benjamin Clementine, Jason Collier - The DJesse Solo Show, Will Butler & Sister Squares, Ski mask the Slump God, Nemzzz, Danny Tower, Wiesulis and Sangvn, Finkis, Kautkaili, Otoy, Royel Otis, Picture Parlour, Love’n’Joy,  Angelica Garcia, Jordan Ward, Daddy Was A Milkman, Ozols, Citi Zeni, Satellites LV, Elpo, Purlpe Negative, Bukte, I Mean Love, Sivmoneyy, Netirais300, Vestules, Detlef, Packman and many more to be announced.

Join the fun on July 19 and 20 in Riga, Lucavsala, for an unforgettable festival experience.
More info and tickets are available at and

Revolutionary Partnership: NTIA Collaborates with KUVO Powered by DJ Monitor to Enhance Music Insights for UK Venues and Increase the Accuracy of Royalty Payments for Creators

Revolutionary Partnership: NTIA Collaborates with KUVO Powered by DJ Monitor to Enhance Music Insights for UK Venues and Increase the Accuracy of Royalty Payments for Creators

The initiative aims to support electronic music creators and offer music insights to venues across the UK to enhance their businesses. It creates a ground-breaking opportunity to empower the music rights industry with a broader set of reliable data to enable more accurate royalty payments to the creators of the music DJs play.

KUVO Powered by DJ Monitor is a partnership between AlphaTheta and DJ Monitor for music identification in venues. Integrated solutions have been developed to harness their unique strengths within DJ technology, and Music Recognition Technology respectively. With NTIA’s support, we seek to make deployment of this technology standard practice across the UK club and DJ events industry. 

This initiative will develop stronger relationships between music rights organisations, venues, DJs and creators across the country, with a focus on building towards a more transparent and fair music royalty ecosystem within the UK.

There is no cost for venues to participate in this initiative. It does not affect the license fees venues pay for music, and it respects DJ setlist privacy - no details of which DJ played which tracks are captured by the technology and no playlists are publicised. It enables DJs to support the creators of the music they play without needing to do anything more than play their tracks. 

Michael Kill CEO NTIA says:
“We are extremely excited to partner on the KUVO Powered by DJ Monitor initiative, and will without doubt add another dynamic insight to businesses playing recorded music within their spaces.”

“The roll out of this cutting edge technology in the UK will go a long way to developing stronger, more tangible insights into the music being played within businesses across the UK.”

“The developments within music recognition technology software over the last few years, will also allow for more accurate data to be delivered to the music rights industry, ensuring that music creators get paid royalties for what is played by DJs at events.” 

Yuri Dokter CEO DJ Monitor says:
“Further to our partnership with the NTIA since 2021, we are now pleased to introduce the most cutting-edge Music Data solution together with our strategic partner AlphaTheta.”

"DJ Monitor has been monitoring and successfully identifying DJ sets in venues and festivals around the world, for CMOs such as PRS for Music and PPL, who use the data to fairly and accurately distribute to their rights holders.”

Greg Marshall - AlphaTheta - KUVO UK Lead says:
“We are thrilled to partner with the NTIA to bring our creator-supporting track identification tech to venues across the UK.” 

“Together we will empower venues with valuable music insights, empower the music rights industry with reliable data to enable accurate royalty payments to creators, and empower DJs to support music creators without needing to do anything more than play their tracks. Everybody wins.

Andrew Fleming - CEO SWG3 Glasgow says:
"We are excited to integrate the KUVO powered by DJ Monitor music system into our venue. This cutting-edge technology not only enhances our understanding of the music being played but also ensures that the creators behind the tracks receive the recognition and royalties they deserve. It's a positive step forward for the entire industry, promoting transparency and fairness while supporting the artists who make our events possible.”

Jack Henry - Operations Director E1 London says
The KUVO powered by DJ Monitor music recognition technology is a gamechanger for the Electronic Music scene. As a venue operator, being able to ensure writers and artists are recognised for their talents is vital for the industry and we are proud to have the technology installed within our venue”.


Editors Notes:

About KUVO Powered by DJ Monitor: Weblink

About DJ Monitor
Since 2005, DJ Monitor has been the global market leader in monitoring electronic music and venue-based and festival monitoring, being the preferred supplier of the most established Collective Management Organizations around the world. 

The tech-driven end-to-end services ensure the most accurate music usage reporting possible, approved by Cisac members and international courts.

With an experienced team, mature technology, and a globally integrated database, we cover both the commercial world repertoire and niche genres. We provide complete services for events and festivals, retail locations and venues, broadcasting and online platforms & DSP’s.

About Night Time Industries Association (NTIA):
The Night Time Industries Association (NTIA) is a leading advocacy group dedicated to promoting and enhancing the nighttime economy. NTIA represents a wide range of nighttime businesses, from bars and clubs to cultural venues, and works to create a vibrant, safe, and inclusive nighttime environment.

About AlphaTheta Corporation (former company name: Pioneer DJ Corporation)
AlphaTheta EMEA Limited is the subsidiary of AlphaTheta Corporation responsible for sales and marketing in EMEA. For more than 20 years, its Pioneer DJ brand has been a market leader in the design and production of innovative DJ equipment and software. The company works closely with DJs and clubs to deliver next-generation products that inspire and shape the global dance music community and has recently launched a new range of musical instruments for production and live performances. Its portfolio includes brands such as AlphaTheta, Pioneer DJ, rekordbox, TORAIZ, Pioneer PRO AUDIO, and KUVO. AlphaTheta Corporation is in the Noritsu Koki (TSE:7744) Group, headquartered in Yokohama, Japan, and is led by President and CEO Yoshinori Kataoka.

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Night Time Industries Association Urges Political Parties to Prioritise Night Time Economy

The Night Time Industries Association (NTIA) is calling on all Political Parties to recognise the vital importance of the Night Time Economy (NTE) by implementing a comprehensive national strategy and appointing dedicated leadership within central government. This appeal is underscored by the following key proposals aimed at fostering growth, resilience, and sustainability within the sector:

  1. Appoint a Minister for the Night Time Economy: NTIA urges the establishment of a dedicated ministerial position to oversee and champion the Night Time Economy at the highest level of government. This role will ensure focused attention and strategic direction for the sector.
  2. Establish Regional Representatives: To facilitate effective communication and coordination across regions, NTIA recommends appointing regional representatives. These individuals will work closely with local authorities and stakeholders to ensure the national strategy is effectively implemented at the local level.
  3. Develop a Central Government Strategy for the Night Time Economy: A national strategy is crucial for the cohesive management of the NTE. NTIA calls for this strategy to be given mandatory consideration by local governments, ensuring alignment and uniformity in policies that impact the night time economy.
  4. Align Local Policies with the National NTE Strategy: To create a unified approach, it is essential that local authorities align their policies with the national NTE strategy. This will foster a cohesive environment for managing the night time economy across the country.
  5. Transfer Control of NTE and Hospitality to DCMS: Shifting the oversight of the Night Time Economy and Hospitality to the Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport (DCMS) will provide a balanced focus on cultural, economic, and regulatory aspects, ensuring the sector’s diverse needs are met.
  6. Create an Integrated Licensing & Planning System: An integrated system will streamline processes, protect businesses, and create cost efficiencies. This system is essential for reducing bureaucratic barriers and fostering a supportive environment for NTE businesses.
  7. Reform Business Rates: Lowering the multiplier for NTE businesses will protect independent operators and preserve social and cultural hubs, which are the backbone of the night time economy.
  8. Reform VAT to European Standards: Aligning VAT with European levels will support recovery and growth, helping the sector rebound from the current crisis and remain competitive internationally.
  9. Elevate the Agent of Change Principle to Primary Legislation: Implementing this principle in primary legislation will protect existing businesses and communities.
  10. Introduce Mandatory Business Licensing for Security Providers: Creating consistent operating terms, tax parity, and compliance across the private security sector will enhance safety and reliability within the NTE.
  11. Implement a Heritage Protection Scheme for Venues and Cultural Spaces: Similar to protections for galleries, castles, and museums, this scheme will ensure the preservation of venues that are integral to the cultural fabric of our communities.
  12. Establish a National Fund to Support and Protect Cultural Venues: A dedicated fund will safeguard the future of our industry, ensuring that grass roots and cultural venues can continue to thrive and contribute to the economy and society.

Michael Kill, CEO of NTIA, stated, “The Night Time Economy is a critical component of our cultural and economic landscape. These measures are essential for its recovery, giving it the ability to grow and fuel regeneration. We urge all political parties to consider these important recommendations.”

Sacha Lord, Night Time Economy Advisor for Greater Manchester, said:
“The current government has failed the night time economy. All political parties should seize the opportunity in the coming weeks to understand the significant impact the night time economy has on both the economy and culture. It's crucial to recognize that the patrons of our venues, events, and festivals are the voters of the future. Their experiences today will influence their decisions at the ballot box tomorrow.”

“Nightlife, encompassing the enjoyment of events with close friends, family, and communities, plays a vital role in people's lives. The government's neglect of this sector, especially in their prospective manifesto’s, undermines the future of high streets and cultural spaces. Night time cultural spaces not only bolster the local economy but also contribute significantly to the national economy. With proper support, they have the potential to recover, grow, and fulfill their crucial role.

For the complete NTIA Manifesto “Darkest Before the Dawn” Authored by Philip Kolvin KC please follow the link below:


Nikki McNeill | Global Publicity


Greening the Greenfields - How festival goers can be part of the solution

As the summer festival season gets into full swing (the sun was recently spotted in the UK sky), A Greener Future (AGF), the not-for-profit company dedicated to making the live event sector sustainable, shares top tips on how we, as festival-goers, can positively impact the events we attend.

“Festivals are all about fun, community and connection, and they can be even greater when we use them as a catalyst for the green transition we need to see in the world,” says Claire O’Neill, festival sustainability expert and co-founder of AGF.

The best way to protect our future and that of our planet is by reducing, reusing, and sharing. So, let’s start the 2024 festival season off with an (eco-friendly, non-fossil) bang, by packing wisely, travelling conscientiously, eating plant-based, and buying pre-owned items – simple lifestyle choices we can make to significantly reduce our impact on the planet, the wildlife, and each other, whilst still enjoying fantastic events.

So, if you want to be a conscientious, planet-hugging, festivalgoer, follow these tips:

1.Choose the Greenest Way to Travel
One of the most significant negative environmental impacts of greenfield music festivals is audience transport. In the recent 2024 AGF Annual Festival Report, we reported that the average percentage of attendees travelling by car to rural festivals had dropped from 67% to 58%, whilst the average percentage of attendees utilising public transport to attend rural festivals had increased from 16% to 19%.

Instead of driving, can you travel by train or coach? Train travel around Europe is easy and fast and many festivals organise inter-country coaches to shuttle their audiences in. Of course, choosing festivals closer to home is also a way to reduce travel emissions.

Could you pack light and cycle? Check your festival’s website or social media accounts to find out if they run group bike rides – check out charities like Sustrans or organise a group yourself. Group bike rides are a great way to meet fellow festivalgoers and reduce your impact on the environment whilst getting yourself fit enough to throw some serious shapes when you get to the dancefloor.

If you have no alternative but to travel by car, make sure there’s a human bottom in every seat. Connect with fellow travellers through the festival’s own channels or check out platforms like Liftshare and GoCarShare.

3.Reduce Food Waste & Eat Plant-Based
After audience transport, food and drink are usually the second-largest source of a festival’s emissions.

It’s tempting to take enough food with us to last a fortnight when we head to a festival, but studies have shown that much of the food that people take sadly ends up going to waste, along with all its packaging. Only take non-perishable food that you know you will eat, and if you have any left, take it home or donate it to a foodbank.

Crucially, festivals who moved to a fully meat-free event reduced their food-related emissions by over 60% on average according to the 2024 Festival Sustainability Report, with 55% having a formal sustainable food and drink policy that included plenty of delicious local plant-based options.

We can massively reduce our impact by eating a plant-based diet. Or at the very least cutting down on the amount of meat and dairy we consume. Reducing animal agriculture is “our best and most immediate chance to reverse the trajectory of climate change,” according to scientists. The planet, not to mention the animals, and our bodies, will thank us for it.

3.Take Your Camping Gear Home
Camping equipment is for life – not just for festival. Campaigns such as Love Your Tent and #takeyourtenthome have done a great job of highlighting the scale of the problem of abandoned camping equipment at the end of festivals. If you really can’t take it home, then don’t take it. Book pre-pitched camping and travel light.

And if the thought of sleeping in a small tent fills you with abject terror, check out boutique glamping options or buy a second-hand bell tent and share it with non-snoring friends with good personal hygiene.

4.Ditch Single-Use Plastics
Free drinking water is always available at festivals, so take a refillable bottle and save yourself some moolah whilst doing your bit to reduce plastic usage. Or be a real eco-warrior and take a reusable cup and cutlery for that early-morning cup of joe or for snaffling plant-based curry between performances.

And, if a concession stand doesn’t allow you to use your own cup, use their reusable cups if provided.

The 2024 Festival Sustainability Report showed significant areas of improvement in festivals reducing the use of single-use plastics, with 60% having a reusable cup system and bans on single-use plastic serve ware increasing from 54% in 2022 to 75% in 2023. Please help us get that figure higher in 2024.

You can also use reusable containers for toiletries and refill them with eco-friendly products rather than carrying large items or buying small plastic disposables. Look for soaps and toiletries free from chemicals such as triclosan, parabens, phthalates, fragrances and sodium laurel sulphate. Note that vegan soap doesn’t necessarily mean chemical-free. Never buy products with microbeads or cotton buds with plastic sticks.

Disposable vapes are bad for the environment and the majority end up in landfill sites or are incinerated, so please use refillable ones if vape you must.~

5.Just Vote! #CrashTheParty
We can do all of the work in the world on our personal footprints and impacts. If we don’t have a systems that works for a green transition and a Government that will make that happen we will remain stuck. In the UK #CrashTheParty is a non partisan campaign to get people registered to vote, applying for voter ID if they need it, and turning out to the ballot box on 4th July. In the EU the campaign #WeVoteEurope is in full force and for the US #RockTheVote. This could be the most important year of elections of a lifetime as the incoming governments worldwide could either step up and make change, or fail us.

6. And Finally…
Other easy changes we can implement as festival-lovers is using paper hand towels instead of wet wipes (which aren’t biodegradable) and swapping fast fashion for second-hand and vintage.

And for those of us who really want to stand out on the dance floor after one too many pints of organic and locally sourced cider – reach for the biodegradable body glitter.

So, there you have it, five relatively easy changes we can all implement to make the forthcoming festival season the least environmentally impactful fest season yet.

As the African proverb goes: If you think you are too small to make a difference, you haven't spent the night with a mosquito.

Have a fantastic summer!

Nikki McNeill | Global Publicity

YOUROPE Releases Diversity & Inclusion Toolset

YOUROPE – The European Festival Association has developed and released the “3F Diversity & Inclusion Toolset” for the European festival sector. The Toolset is a curated collection of resources that can help festival organizers make their events more diverse and inclusive – for their visitors, artists and staff.

YOUROPE is proud to present the Diversity & Inclusion Toolset as part of its three-year project “Future-Fit Festivals” (3F). This toolset is full of resources that can help festival makers create more inclusive and diverse festivals – for the audience, artists and their own team. Resources include guides, tests, checklists, interviews, databases, other toolkits, roadmaps, reports, games and action plans. Most were created by different expert organizations all across Europe and sometimes even beyond. The toolset is public and free to use for any festival or cultural event.

Other contents were created by the project team, e.g., 13 stories of festivals and projects that have implemented measures for more inclusion and diversity. The team wrote these stories, so that festival makers can find inspiration and learn more about good-practices that they can replicate at their own festivals.

The toolset comes as a PDF and an online version. In the PDF, each resource and story are introduced with a few key facts, a teaser of the contents, and a link to There, readers will find full texts explaining the tools and the good-practice examples in detail, as well as download links of the resources.

The Toolset’s Structure
Common types of discrimination (e.g. ableist, racist, and sexist) inspired the Toolset’s topics. Chapters are dedicated to: Accessibility & Inclusion, Anti-Racism Work & Diversity, Gender & Sexual Equity, Consciousness & Responsibility, Allyship, and good- practice stories. To explain terms like “FLINTA*”, “ableism”, and “BIPoC”, the team also assembled a glossary. Plus, they have written a ‘Diversity Mission Statement’ that festivals are free to copy and adapt to their own event.

The team behind the toolset
The Toolset is the result of a collaboration of experts from the YOUROPE network, e.g. from Roskilde Festival (DK), Primavera Sound (ES), Flow Festival (FI), Höme – Für Festivals (DE), Open’er Festival (PL) and OpenAir St.Gallen (CH). They were supported by an advisory board of external experts from different countries and backgrounds. Their tasks were to check the team’s unconscious biases and to ensure that the texts are representative of the groups of people this toolset is dedicated to.

This is the first pan-European publication of its size and topical range to be jointly developed and published by and for the festival sector. It can serve as a relevant toolset for organisers of festivals and other large (open-air) events, also far beyond the borders of the EU.

Funded by the European Union. Views and opinions expressed are however those of the author(s) only and do not necessarily reflect those of the European Union or the European Education and Culture Executive Agency (EACEA). Neither the European Union nor the granting authority can be held responsible for them.

For the first time, the Toolset had been presented to the public at ESNS 2024, in a panel giving a sneak peek of its contents. Originally, the development process had started in October 2023.

The Toolset can be found here:


Katharina Weber (YOUROPE project management; contributor & editor of the Toolset):
“When we talk to festival organisers about diversity at their events, we sometimes hear that they would like to do more, but they don’t know where to start. They’re afraid of doing something wrong, saying the wrong thing, and the potential backlash that might cause, so they don’t touch the topic.

With this toolset, we give festival organisers a chance to fight this insecurity. It’s a place to start their diversity journey. Our project team did the research and assessed many resources on accessible, diverse, and equal events, so festival organisers don’t have to do it. On top, we hope to inspire them with our stories about good-practice examples from festivals that show how more diversity and inclusion can be achieved.”

Marta Pallarès (Head of Press at Primavera Sound, YOUROPE Board Member, and co- developer of the Toolset):
"Something stuck with me after a short conversation with the Awareness Team at Reeperbahn Festival in 2023. They handed me a little sticker, a perfect form of a circle made with these words: "It's a process it's a process it's a process." And indeed, making our festivals better, safer, more diverse and more inclusive IS a process: the more you know, the more you realise the things you still don't. And if you are just getting introduced to these concepts, finding where to start can feel overwhelming, even if you might sense that the moment to begin is now.

This is the main goal of our toolset: if your festival is already doing great, but you'd like to get inspiration and ideas to do even better, this is for you. And if you want to start somewhere but you don't know how... this is for you as well.

Remember: it is a process, and doesn't matter where you are, as a circle doesn't have a beginning or an end. Everyone is welcome in it, as long as you decide to join. Welcome aboard.”

Since 1998, YOUROPE – The European Festival Association has evolved into the most important association for popular music festivals in Europe. As of May 2024, YOUROPE counts 123 festivals and associated organizations from 30 European countries among its members. The overall aim of the association is to strengthen and improve the European festival scene as a whole, and promoting arts and music while connecting different cultures.

In its working groups YOUROPE focuses on different topics at the heart of festivals: sustainability, climate action and environmental protection in the GO Group (Green Operations Europe) and security and crowded spaces management in the YOUROPE Event Safety (YES) Group. In addition YOUROPE hosts the biannual European Festival Conference (EFC) and organizes the annual European Festival Awards (EFAs).

Nikki McNeill I Global Publicity

#WeVoteForEurope: 80+ European festivals call on fans to vote

YOUROPE – The European Festival Association and the European Festivals Association (EFA) have organized the campaign #WeVoteForEurope, inviting festivals to encourage their fans to use their right to vote in the upcoming European elections. 80+ Festivals have so far followed their call and publicly supported the campaign that went live on May 28, 12 p.m.

#WeVoteForEurope is a campaign of the European music festivals to engage festival audiences to use their right to vote in the European elections (June 6 – 9 2024). It was initiated by YOUROPE e.V. and rolled out together with the European Festivals Association (EFA), the two most important organisations representing European festivals. To create the biggest possible impact, festivals were asked to share the message on their socials, all at the same time – May 28th, 12 p.m.

In a video message that YOUROPE prepared for all to share, they emphasize the importance of a free and democratic Europe for the festivals on the continent. Only in a free Europe, festivals can thrive. Festivals are places where European values like solidarity, equality and diversity are lived – and in times of rising populism and extreme right tendencies, it has once again become important to defend these values at the ballot.

The initiative is inspired by TAKE A STAND and realised with the great support of the Festivals Colours of Ostrava (CZ), Das Fest (DE), Maifeld Derby (DE), Open’er Festival (PL), Pohoda Festival (SK), Rock For People (CZ), Roskilde Festival (DK), and Sofia Live Fest (BG). The full list of supporters can be found on the campaign website.

#WeVoteForEurope is a project created with complete freedom of content and run on a voluntary basis by its initiators and supporters. It was created in connection with YOUROPE’s three-year network project “3F – Future-Fit Festivals” (which is co-funded within the Creative Europe programme of the European Union).

Do you like the initiative and want to join? Would you share the message and video? Then you are cordially invited to do so. Just download the materials here. Please make sure your posts are public, and don’t forget to use the hashtag #WeVoteForEurope. If you share something, please email, so you can be added to the list of supporters.

Campaign website:

Since 1998, YOUROPE – The European Festival Association has evolved into the most important association for popular music festivals in Europe. As of May 2024, YOUROPE Funded by the European Union. Views and opinions expressed are however those of the

author(s) only and do not necessarily reflect those of the European Union or the European Education and Culture Executive Agency (EACEA). Neither the European Union nor the granting authority can be held responsible for them.

counts 123 festivals and associated organizations from 30 European countries among its members. The overall aim of the association is to strengthen and improve the European festival scene as a whole, and promoting arts and music while connecting different cultures.

In its working groups YOUROPE focuses on different topics at the heart of festivals: sustainability, climate action and environmental protection in the GO Group (Green Operations Europe) and security and crowded spaces management in the YOUROPE Event Safety (YES) Group.

In addition, YOUROPE hosts the biannual European Festival Conference (EFC) and organizes the annual European Festival Awards (EFAs).

Nikki McNeill | Global Publicity

Brighton Music Conference 2024 Full Programme Revealed


-Over 200 industry leading professionals taking part in panels and workshops
-Keynote Interviews with Erol Alkan, A Guy Called Gerald and Danielle Moore and Chris Todd from Crazy P
-New and improved ‘A&R Sessions’ headed up by prolific DJ / Producer Steve Mac
-8 networking events at some of Brighton’s best loved venues
-4 exclusive pod parties on the iconic Brighton i360 observation tower with Bushwacka!, Erol Alkan, Fabric and Hospital Records.

The award-winning Brighton Music Conference (BMC), the UK’s leading electronic music and networking event is excited to announce the full programme for its 11th edition.  Taking place at the prestigious Brighton i360 complex and various venues around the city from 22nd to 24th May 2024, BMC will once again bring together Industry-leading professionals and present a programme of insightful talks, workshops and networking events.

This year’s event will include Keynote Interviews with internationally renowned artists Erol Alkan, A Guy Called Gerald, Danielle Moore and Chris Todd from Crazy P. Other sessions include two DJ Q&As featuring a host of top artists including DJ Paulette, Danny Byrd, Heidi, Justin Robertson, Mr. C, Matt Jam Lamont, SYREETA and Smokin Jo and two all-star Producer Q&As with A Guy Called Gerald, Funk D'Void, Just Her, Particle, Saytek, Seb Zito, Shadow Child, Steve Mac and Sally Rodgers from A Man Called Adam, plus a Label Q&A with Hospital Records and 20 years of Shogun Audio.

The Association for Electronic Music will present two sessions on The DJ Touring Landscape and AI & Your Audience, Harm Reduction: Health, Hearing & Wellbeing will be discussed with ACS,  Beatport will present their Annual Report, Cavendish Music will host a conversation with Commercial Artists Writing For Sync, Data Transmission’s Grahame Farmer will deep dive into all things Social Media, Inflyte will explore the question ‘Is the Algorithm Truly Listening?’, the Label Radar session will share key strategies to make your demos resonate in What Labels Are Actually Looking For?, and NOWIE will tackle the topic of Working in Live, Point Blank will present a Track Breakdown of Frankie Knuckles ‘Your Love’ with Ski Oakenfull and AlphaTheta (Pioneer DJ) will be showcasing the OMNIS-DUO all-in-one DJ system and the WAVE-EIGHT DJ speaker.

If that wasn’t enough other topics being featured in this year's jam-packed programme include; A&R, DIY and Self Release, Management, Marketing, Neurodivergence, Podcasts, Radio's role in the electronic music landscape, Resident DJs, Ticketing, Vocals and much more. AIM, FUGA, Listen Up Therapy, NTIA, PRS, PPL, Skiddle and Steinberg will also be hosting sessions which will be announced soon.  BMC also supports the charity Last Night A DJ Saved My Life who present an update on their latest projects and how they use the power of music to change lives and save lives. View the BMC 2024 programme here

BMC are also excited to present the new and improved ‘A&R Sessions’ which will feature over 30 labels across different genres giving more opportunities for immediate feedback with leading A&Rs in the electronic music industry. Headed up by the prolific DJ and music producer Steve Mac the ‘A&R Sessions’ will take place at The Tempest Inn on Brighton’s beachfront with a relaxed, friendly environment, where up and coming producers will have the opportunity to book one-to-one sessions with the labels of their choice

The legendary pod parties at BMC are exclusive events held 450 feet above the city in the i360 Pod observation tower. This year’s Pod lineup will feature 4 exclusive networking events supported by AlphaTheta hosted by Bushwacka! and Hospital Records featuring Flava D, Texas and SOLAH on Thursday 23rd May and Erol Alkan presented by Inflyte on Friday followed by the Fabric reunion as the finale with Terry Francis and Howie B and Keith Reily back to back.

Networking is a big part of the BMC ethos and there are plenty of opportunities to meet industry colleagues and connect with like-minded people at the many exclusive networking parties at some of Brighton’s best-loved venues,  The official BMC Welcome Party will take place on Wednesday 22nd May at the Tempest Inn, one of Brighton’s best loved beach bars.  Hosted by AFEM the event will give attendees the opportunity to network and enjoy the sunset and sea views with complimentary canapes and drinks from 7pm and music courtesy of Mr C, Mutiny, Amber Jolene (Live PA), Queen B and Sarah France.

After each day of the conference, there will be a variety of networking events at some of Brighton's best love venues. On Thursday, DJs getting the party started while guests enjoy the sunset on the i360 Top Deck from 5pm will be Carly Wilford, Just Her, Sarah Monument and Zoe Vice.  PRS for Music will host a networking event at The Hotel Pelirocco from 6pm with special guest DJs Brandon Block, Wildblood & Queenie, Caroline the DJ, Ifeoluwa and Harold Heath. Local label Jack Said What  / Out Yer Box will also host a networking mixer from 6pm at The Break Point Cafe with DJs Evl Tom and A-Sides (Hip-Hop set). will also return to host a networking breakfast event in collaboration with the NTIA on Thursday morning at the i360 complex giving attendees the chance to make some new connections in a relaxed chilled environment before the conference kicks off.

On Friday, Grahame Farmer will kickstart your day with Blueprint breakfast, a special round table session at the i360 complex for up and coming DJs and artists to build their careers. The NTIA will host a networking event in association with ACS at The Tempest Inn with special guest DJs A Guy Called Gerald, Alex P, Dorian Flagrant, Flambe, Mikee Hollywood, Richard Earnshaw, Ridney and Steve Taylor from 6pm. Decadance will also take over Block Bar from 6:30pm broadcasting live with live sets from Kirbs, Kadio, Koipino, Charmain Love and special guest DJ tba.

​​If that wasn’t enough, BMC has teamed up with the beachfront underground electronic music venue The Arch for two special events. On Thursday 23rd May Crazy P Soundsystem will be headlining the main evening event as part of the conference programme. With one of the best live dance music shows on the planet, Crazy P have been leaving their mark on the landscape of British dance music for the last 15 years. Fusing slinky underground disco, deep electronic throbs, shimmering pop moments; this is dance music with a voice, a heart, and soul. Crazy P Soundsystem will be on stage at 10.30pm. Support from NOLAN & English Disco Lovers’ Sam Moffatt.  On Friday 24th May, BMC and Inflyte present Erol Alkan, Funk D'Void, Size and Friends. Celebrating 10 years of Inflyte Room 1 will feature Erol Alkan, Funk D'Void, Paul Inflyte with Room 2 hosted by Size featuring Larnie B2B Robin, Lola, POoK, Rockets and The Lovely Lucinda.

For the official After Party on Saturday 25th BMC Presents G3T LOO5E in the Bunkr with SAYTEK Live, Larnie,  Nina Carina, Lebby, Chema Gonzalez b2b Brunonumerouno Robin.

Full list of confirmed speakers and artists (In alphabetical order):
Abel Reynolds (Finger Lickin), Adam Carter (Exclusive Promo), Adam Griffin (Perfect Havoc), A Guy Called Gerald, Alex Grey (Cavendish Music), Alexander Church (Configurations of Self), Alex Branson (ABC Music Podcast/Beatport), Alex P,  A Man Called Adam, Amber D, Amber Jolene (Defected/LNOE), AmyElle (DJ/Producer), Amy Jayne (1985 Music), Andrew Beaton (Composer), Arnie Wrong, Badger (Critical Music, 20/20LDN, Neosignal Recordings), Barry Ashworth (Dub Pistols), Belinda Matwali, Ben Andrewes (Cavendish Music), Bessi Massey, Bill Brewster (DJ History), Brandon Block, Britt Timmerman (Curve), Bushwacka!, Cam Fyall (Ninja Tune), Carl Loben (DJ Mag), Carly Heath, Carly Wilford, Caroline the DJ, Carter (Slap That Sound), Chad Jackson, Charlotte De Vega (Material Music), Chris Goss (Hospital Records), Cimone Fagan (Shogun Audio), Clara Suess (Suess Media), Claudia Piazza (Maison Riche Artist Management), Colin Dale, Crazy P, Damien Platt (Glasgow Underground), Daniel Curpen (Anjunadeep), Danny Byrd, Danielle Moore (Crazy P), Danny Byrd (Hospital Records), Darren Hemmings (Motive Unknown), Dave Pearce, Dave Philpot (Republic of Sync), Dean Marsh (Creative Law & Business), DJ Paulette, Dorian Perron (Groover), Dr. Janek Meyn (AIDAR), Dulcie Weaver, Duncan King (Skiddle), Ed Brew (Beatport), Ellie Scougal (Inside the USB podcast), Ellie Talebian (DJ/Presenter), Emily Hornbuckle (One House), Erol Alkan, Evl Tom (Evil Nine), Fay Barton (Mizbee), Faye Lawrence (Grape), Finlay Johnson (AFEM), Flava D, Friction, Frances Barber Shillito (FRNT MGMT), Funk D'Void, Gareth Deakin (Sonorous), Gareth Mellor (FUGA), Gemma Farrington (Sentric), George Fleming (Save Our Scene), Gi3MO, Grahame Farmer (Data Transmission), Harold Heath, Hannah Warnes (One House), Heidi, Heiko Hoffmann (The Orchard), Helena Gagern (Salsa), Helen Mubert (Mubert), Hilit Kolet (Faith/Rekids), Holly Sheppard (FUGA), Ian Baird (Brighton & Hove City Council), Ifeoluwa, Irma de Wind (Music Supervisor), Irvine Welsh, Isaac Bentata (, James Holdsworth (LNADJ), James Wiltshire (Freemasons / F9), JFB (3xDMC World Champion), J-Felix (Tru-Thoughts), Jess Bays (Superstore Records), Joanna Phillips (Another Rhythm), Johnny Scratchley (Gentleman’s Dub Club), Jonny Lee (LNADJ), Jono Heale (ACS), Judge Jules, Jules Pinkney, Just Her, Justine Taylor (DnB Allstars), Justin Robertson, Justin Rushmore, Keith Reilly (Fabric), Keir Tyrer (K-Tee), Katherine Ellis (Songsiren Music Limited), Katie Knight (Can U Put Me On Guestlist podcast), Kelli-Leigh (You Know My Voice Podcast), Keturah Cummings (Forward Slash), Krafty Kuts, Lara Baker (FUGA), Lizzie Curious, Leon La Rosa (Select Radio), Leon Stephens (Beatport), Lex Luca (OpenDAW Talks), Lola (Size), Marina Palacios (Beatport), Mariana Brandão (Casperaki), Mark Stafford (Lee & Thompson), Matt Johnson (The Pool London), Matt Lally [Hospital Records), Matt Jam Lamont, Matt Johnson (The Pool London), Maya D (Hospital Records), Maya De N'Yeurt (Hospital Records), Michael Grierson (The House Poet), Michael Kill (NTIA), Mickey Jukes (1BTN), Mikee Hollywood, Miss C. (Chloe Sinclair), Mr C, Naomi Bressani (Republic of Music), Neal Lewis (The Drop.), Neil Bainbridge (Neighbourhood PR), Nikki McNeill (Global Publicity), NOLAN (Mobilee / Faith), Oscar Tremain (RightsHUB), Oscar Kriek (Ticketswap), Particle (Critical Music), Paul Hamill (Inflyte), Paul Wells (Elite Music Management), Pola & Bryson, Richard Earnshaw, Queen B, Reece EVPRO, Robert Luis (Tru Thoughts), Rob Woodward, Rowetta (Happy Mondays), Roxanne Oak (PPL), Roxy Roberts (Hear No Evil Management), Sami Qureshi, Sarah Monument, Sarah Moxom (Phoenix Staffing Ltd), Saranne Tardelli-Reid (Sample Clearance Services), Scott Garcia (Kiss FM), Scott Diaz (NITELIFE Audio), Sean Brosnan (Material), Sebastian Mann (Tracklib), Seb Zito, Shadow Child, Shannon Herber (Campaign / Wise River Consulting), Shyam P (Saved),  Siala Stathopoylos (Skiddle), Silvia Montello (CEO Voicebox /remarQabl), Simon Birkumshaw (The Circuit Group), Simon Clarkson (Primary Talent), Si Truss (Future Music), Ski Oakenfull, Smokin Jo, Sophia Wardman (Ayita), Stanley Li (Point Blank), Stanton Warriors, Steve Mac, Steve Parry (SMP3 Promo), Steven Braines (HE.SHE.THEY), Storm Mollison (Rinse FM), Stuart Patterson (Faith), Sujon Ahmed (Trooh Hippi), SYREETA (HE.SHE.THEY), Tammy Tinawi (Cavendish Music), Tarmeet Grewal (FRTYFVE), Taz Mattar (Cavendish Music), Terence Daniel (PPL), Terri-Siân Lugosi (Select Security & Stewarding), Tintin Chambers (OpenLab) TJ Campbell (Hospital Records), Tom Shea (Defected), Toni Tambourine (Tambo PR), Vijay Anand (LNADJ), Wildblood & Queenie.

Speakers and representatives confirmed from industry leading companies including; (In alphabetical order):
1985 Music, ​​1BTN, 20/20LDN, ABC Music Podcast, ACS Custom, AFEM, AIM, AIDAR, AlphaTheta, Anjunadeep, Another Rhythm, Armada Music, Audio Rehab, Axtone, Ayita, Brighton & Hove City Council, Beatport, Can U Put Me On Guestlist podcast, Casperaki, Cavendish Music, Cintapinto, Constant Circles, Creative Law, Critical Music, Crucast, Curve, Cubism, Data Transmission, Decadance, Defected Records, DJ History, DJ Mag, DnB Allstars, Downtown, Elite Music Management, Exclusive Promo, Faith Fanzine, Fat Cat Records, Finger Lickin, Forward Slash, Freakin 909, FRNT MGMT, FRTYFVE, FUGA, Future Music, Global Publicity, Glasgow Underground, Grape, Groover, Hear No Evil Management, Helix, HE.SHE.THEY, Hospital Records, Key Production, Krafted, Inflyte, Inside the USB podcast, Jack Said What, Jalapeno Record, Kiss FM, Label Radar, Lee & Thompson, Listen Up Therapy, LNADJSML, Maison Riche Artist Management, Material, Mesh, Mixo, Motive Unknown, Mubert, Neosignal Recordings, NITELIFE Audio, Ninja Tune, NTIA, One House, OpenDAW Talks, OpenLab, Out Yer Box, Pioneer DJ, Phoenix Staffing Ltd, Point Blank, PPL, Primary Talent, PRS for Music, R&S Records, Recovery World Collective, Red Giant Records, Republic of Music, Republic of Sync, Rhythm Cult, RightsHUB, Rinse FM, Roomsonics,, Sample Clearance Services, Saved, Save Our Scene, Select Radio, Select Security & Stewarding, Sentric,, Shogun Audio, Size, Skiddle, Sleazy Deep, SMP3 Promo, Soma Records, Songsiren Music Limited, Sonorous, Suess Media, Sunflower Records, Superstore Records, Steinberg, Sync Vault, Tambo PR,  Ticketswap, Toolroom Records, Tracklib, The 999 Club, The Circuit Group, The Drop., The Orchard, The Pool London, Trooh Hippi, Tru Thoughts, Trusted Rhythm Records, Voicebox, VoltaXR, Wise River Consulting, You Know My Voice Podcast.

BMC - Where Beats Means Business
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BMC Tickets
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Notes to Editors:
For more info and press accreditations please contact Nikki McNeill | Global Publicity

About Brighton Music Conference
The award-winning Brighton Music Conference (BMC) is the UK's leading electronic music conference & networking event, focusing on innovation, education & the key issues facing the electronic dance music sector.  BMC brings together Industry-leading delegates and speakers at over 60 talks, seminars and workshops, alongside networking events throughout the conference duration. It is attended by 1000s of experienced music industry professionals, the next generation of DJs, producers as well as electronic music enthusiasts.

BMC was also awarded by the NTIA at the  Ambassadors of the Night Awards 2019 for their work and commitment to developing awareness and education of the UK Electronic Music Scene internationally within the NTE.

BMC  supports the charity Last Night A DJ Saved My Life.


Leading European Music Collaboration Brings Fresh Talent to Summer Festivals

Today on Europe Day we proudly celebrate European artists and festivals. This summer, you simply can’t miss all the upcoming artists who will be performing on the stages of the best summer festivals across Europe. With 100 acts securing over 200 spots on European festival line-ups, it's clear that the ESNS Exchange programme is providing an unparalleled opportunity for emerging artists to showcase their talent.

Attending a music festival is a summer highlight for many Europeans. It’s a place where peace, unity and diversity are celebrated with fellow Europeans. In fact, the world’s first festivals were organised as a protest for peace and unity, a remembrance to the famous Schuman declaration.

ESNS Exchange, co-funded by the European Commission's Creative Europe programme, facilitates the bookings of European acts at festivals outside their home countries. Together with the EBU, Yourope,  export offices and local media we generate significant media exposure for these artists. In this way, ESNS Exchange aims to boost their international careers.

In its 21 years of existence, the ESNS Exchange programme collaborates with a multitude of festivals all over the globe. In 2025, ESNS Exchange is proud to add Arsenal Fest (rs), Live at Leeds (uk), Mladí ladí jazz (cz), Træna festival (no), Electric Castle (ro), Poplar Festival (it), SEI Festival (it), Galway International Arts (ie), and Velvet Festival (hr) to its list of partner festivals. In addition, Music Export Office Poland, Music Export Latvia and Iceland Music have recently joined ESNS Exchange, bringing the total number of platform members to 158. We all look forward to creating an unforgettable summer for even more music fans. 

With already 213 confirmed shows by 100 artists from 28 countries, playing at 73 festivals in 29 European countries, it’s almost impossible not to catch one of the ESNS Exchange artists at a festival near you this summer.

Together with our partners, we’re eagerly looking forward to celebrating a European summer full of emerging artists such as Chalk (ie), Zaho De Sagazan (fr), freekind. (si), Nusantara Beat (nl), Bulgarian Cartrader (bg), ClockClock (de), Ash Olsen (no), and YĪN YĪN (nl) at European music festivals like Best Kept Secret (nl), Eurockéennes de Belfort (fr), Haldern Pop Festival (de), Mad Cool Festival (es), Pohoda (sk), Pukkelpop (be), Rock Werchter (be), Roskilde Festival (dk), Sziget (hu), and Ypsigrock Festival (it).

Get to know more about ESNS Exchange at

Apply or book tickets for ESNS 2025
New European acts showcase their talents in January 2025 to around 40,000 enthusiastic music fans and professionals at ESNS, automatically enrolling them in the ESNS Exchange programme. Each year, the event focuses on a different European country. 

Italy will be the focus country for ESNS25, showcasing the latest music acts on the ESNS stages and putting them in front of an audience of industry professionals, media and music lovers. Focus on Italy at ESNS25 will be supported by Italia Music Export, Puglia Sounds, ER Music Commission, ICE - Italian Trade Agency, Puglia Sounds, ER Music Commission, local European Broadcasting Union partner Rai Radio 2, and the European Talent Exchange partner festivals Apolide Festival, Sei Festival, Arezzo Wave, Linecheck Music Meeting & Festival, Poplar Festival, Ypsigrock Festival, and ESNS.

ESNS25 takes place from 15 to 18 January 2025 in Groningen, the Netherlands.

Apply to play at ESNS

Want to join ESNS25 as a delegate? A limited amount of Delegate Passes for ESNS25 are now available at a medium rate at
Purchase a Delegate Pass

Nikki McNeill | Global Publicity


A Greener Future’s Industry-leading Sustainable Events Training

A Greener Future’s Industry-leading Sustainable Events Training
9th – 10th May 2024, Oxford

A Greener Future (AGF) is gearing up to deliver the next edition of its industry-leading Sustainable Events Training programme, which this time will be hosted by Oxford Brookes University in the UK.

As the global events industry seeks to become sustainable, and with government bodies such as the UK’s DCMS (Department for Culture, Media and Sport) calling for environmental standards for festivals, what better place to turn for training than the founders of the world's first green standards and certification for festivals and events?

Sustainable Events Training will take participants through the analysis of key environmental impacts, enhancing environmental awareness and developing sustainability practices within the events industry, equipping partiipants with the knowledge and skills to become certified assessors for global festivals and events.

The programme is also suitable for those who want to work in event sustainability in general, who wish to upskill, or improve their understanding of sustainability, including event organisers, local authorities, suppliers, academics and researchers, as well as those who are simply passionate about developing their existing knowledge surrounding improved event sustainability. The programme is an invaluable opportunity to enhance skills and contribute to a greener future for the events industry.

Programme participants will gain invaluable insights from industry experts as they learn through a combination of theoretical knowledge and practical case studies.

Those who successfully complete the programme will become Stage 1 Certified A Greener Future Assessors and will receive a certificate of completion. Upon completion, participants are then eligible to move to Stage 2 of the training programme, which involves site visits to events and festivals and the completion of assessments under the supervision of one of our senior assessors, with the aim of becoming senior assessors themselves in the future.


The AGF Sustainable Events Training programme is designed to provide participants with a deep understanding of the key operational issues that impact the environment during events. Developed drawing upon over 18 years of experience in assessing festivals and events globally, our course covers a wide range of topics, including:

  • Legal Framework & Policy
  • Local Impacts & Risks
  • Sustainable Procurements
  • Travel & Transport
  • Event Power
  • Solid Waste & Recycling
  • Water Usage, Wastewater & Sewerage
  • The Circular Event
  • Behaviour & Communication
  • AGF Assessment Familiarisation & Post-event Reporting


Email to register for In-person training at Oxford Brookes University.

For more info on AGF Training courses and to register: