We're passionate about helping artists get a kick start in their career and specialise in working with artists and music exports at showcase festivals. Working with our trusted worldwide network of journalists, broadcasters, DJs and tastemakers to deliver engaging coverage for showcase festivals, label showcases and tour dates.


We’re passionate about festivals and have helped raise the profile of some of the best known and award winning festival in the world. With over 15 year experience, we utilise our global network of contacts across music, travel, lifestyle and industry professionals to share their unique stories and get people talking.


We're passionate about the music industry and love working with industry events and conferences to help the future generations get started and to always keep learning and evolving.  We target industry tastemakers and B2B and B2C journalists to ensure events get the exposure, recognition, profile and media coverage they deserve.

Worldwide PR campaigns across print, online and broadcast media

Bespoke and cost-effective print, online and outdoor marketing solutions

Engaging, professional and creative press release and content production

Communications and marketing strategy for events, artists and brands