After concluding at Westway LAB in Portugal, the Europe in Synch project presents its findings, insights and recommendations with the aim of improving opportunities for  European artists and composers.

An initiative of Music Moves Europe, the Europe in Synch project was set up to create an optimized synch business for all artists, composers and European SME’s, working towards territorially bespoke synch-business scenarios by bringing together the “Music” (European rights owners and composers) with the “Opportunities” (advertising and film production).

The Findings
The findings revealed that Europe in Synch could play an important role in the development of the synch business and that there was a great demand for knowledge building, curated networking, educating the advertising industry and a permanent organisation of senior professionals to provide a forum for advice and brokering.

The project also highlighted the need for permanent networking and a visible initiative rather than one-off events for professionals on the music side, due to the lack in follow ups after the sessions. The curation of these events was also an important factor with a wide and varying range of professional levels from basic to advanced, which meant the content and approach had to be adapted individually for each session. Recurring feedback and requests also included networking between film and music at an earlier professional stage, i.e. film schools.

Says project manager Markus Linde:
What we definitely can deduce from the analysis of our work over one year, is that across borders, there is a big demand for an initiative like Europe In Synch.”

“On one hand, it is the educational aspect aimed at the young and less experienced professionals and markets. On the other, we will have to see our role as much more complex: grey-eminence-diplomatic, where we generate professional dialogues between the industries in the different territories, and definitely business-focused, when it actually comes to brokering synch-related deals and cooperations.

“In fact, the potential cultural relevance of Europe in Synch lies in the systematic bringing together of knowledge-building AND business-generating. Europe in Synch laid the groundwork to becoming a permanent institution rather than a one-off-project.”

Europe in Sync so far
So far Europe in Sync has prepared and hosted one-day workshops in co-operation with and at European music conferences (Westway Lab PT, SPOT+ DK, Live at Heart SWE, Sonic Visions LUX, MENT SLO) bringing together some 40 participants from the music side with selected senior experts from the world of advertising. As a follow-up on the next day of the conferences, the project and the findings of the sessions were presented in public panel.

During the 2019 Reeperbahn Festival, Europe in Sync initiated and co-hosted a proto-type Meet&Mingle event bringing together for the first time synch professionals from the music side with creatives and producers from the advertising sector – some 80 guests in total. A panel discussion introduced the parties and the EinS project and diagnosed the need and willingness for a creative dialogue.

The film/TV sector was addressed in a proto-type Film Brokering event digitally staged in Lisbon in September in partnerships with ICA, the Portuguese Film Institute. For the first time in Portugal, this film-music brokering-session brought together film-makers with music-professionals creating film-music or representing music catalogues and music supervisors.

The Future
The next step will be to analyze the findings thoroughly which will become the foundation and the framework for a larger long-term project. The three managers of the project have announced that reactions, input, demand and encouragement have been such, that it is safe to say that EinS will resume its mission beyond 2020.


Notes to Editors:

For more information contact:
Nikki McNeill | Global Publicity

Europe in Synch are;

Nuno Saraiva PT
Project Supervisor, SCL Lda. / Europe in Synch

With  over 25 years music industry experience in Canada, UK, and Portugal,  Nuno Saraiva is the founder of SCL Agency and its group of companies.

Saraiva is the Executive Director of the WHY Portugal export office and music exchange platform, founded in 2016. Saraiva is also co-founder of  Portugal’s first PRO conference and showcase Festival Westway LAB, which  started in 2014, and is also the founding President of the AMAEI, the  Portuguese Independent Trade Association, founded in 2012. 

He is a Board  Member of IMPALA, the European Music Companies Association in Brussels;  and also Board Member of EMEE – European Music Exporters Exchange, in representation of WHY  Portugal.

Markus Linde D
Music Supervisor / Project Manager, Thag’s Agent / Europe in Synch

With a long professional history in the record business, publishing and artist management, Markus Linde has been running his music-supervision thag’s agent imprint for some 16 years. 

His services including music rights research, clearances and creative consultancy, Linde has a track record for music placements in national and international advertising campaigns and he also contributes to films and TV productions.

Markus Linde is founding member and Project Leader of Europe in Synch, he conducts a personal consultancy and contributes to international conferences, work-shops and panels.

Nis Bogvad DK

Music Supervisor, Copenhagen Film Music

With 27 years experience as music professional, Nis Bogvad has worked in all aspects of the business.

From Multi-Platinum selling Songwriter, EMI signed recording Artist and Producer to A&R director at EMI, Creative Director at Music Sales Group, Executive TV Music Producer to Music Supervisor.

Nis has synchronized music to more than 200 commercials, TV series and Films.