The Night Time Industries Association (NTIA) is proud to announce the full lineup of panellists and speakers for the highly anticipated Night Time Economy Summit 2024, set to take place on the 8th and 9th of February at the iconic Freight Island in Manchester.

This year’s summit promises to be one of the most ambitious events yet, bringing together a diverse range of industry leaders, experts, and visionaries to explore and celebrate the significance of the Night Time Economy. Speakers include; Aitch B, Afrodeutsche, Andy Burnham, Bev Craig, Carly Heath, Danny Howard, Gok Wan, Philip Kolvin KC, Gary Powell, Jeff Smith MP, Jeremy Pritchard, John Robb, Kate Nicholls, Katouche,  Keith Reilly, Kevin Hollinrake, Lapsley, Lewis G. Burton, Lisa Mafia, Maria May, Mirik Milan, Natalie Stewart aka Floacist, Ollie Ryder, Sam Divine, Sacha Lord, Ras Kwame, Rowetta, Wez Saunders, Sam Divine, Sarah Story, Suzanne Bull MBE, Yewande Adeniran, Yousef.

The summit will feature a momentous occasion as the Mayors of the North and West Midlands, Andy Burnham Mayor of Greater Manchester, Tracy Brabin Mayor of East Yorkshire, Andy Street Mayor of West Midlands & Steve Rotherham Mayor of Liverpool City Region come together to discuss the pivotal role of the Night Time Economy in their regions. This unique collaboration highlights the growing recognition of the sector’s importance in driving economic growth, fostering creativity, and enhancing the overall quality of life.

Global perspectives will be shared by expert representatives from Japan, Europe, Australia, United States and Colombia, Michael Rodrigues NSW 24hr Commissioner, Tak Umezawa Tokyo NTE Association, Ariel Palitz Former NY NTE Advisor and Camilo Ospina Guzman President of Asobares Colombia,  providing valuable insights into the latest global initiatives shaping the Night Time Economy landscape. The summit will also hear Keynotes from the Under Secretary of State & Minister for Small Medium Enterprise businesses, Kevin Hollinrake, and Philip Kolvin KC, who will shed light on the “Darkest Before the Dawn” NTIA Manifesto, addressing considerations and initiatives which will enhance and develop the night time industries in the future.

Attendees can immerse themselves in two days of expert discussions on the electronic music industry, courtesy of DEFECTED Records, covering topics from artist development and publishing to public relations and A&R. The Fair, a leading curator of over 100 independent events per year, will assemble some of the industry’s best minds to tackle the challenges of modern-day events and festival curation.

With the International Stage hosted by VibeLab, bringing some of the leading voices together from across Europe and Globe speaking about the some of the global approaches to Nightlife including Robbe Van Bogaert Human Power & Speaker, Luis Manuel Garcia Mispireta, Associate Professor of Ethnomusicology, Richard Akingbehin Founder of Refuge Radio, Aoife McGuiness Neuroscientist, Multi Sensory Researcher, Professor Fiona Measham The Loop, Opposhain Ghosh, Andreina Seijas Kenneth Bailey & Anna Sclimm plus many more..

Exclusive interviews will take centre stage, featuring Keith Reilly, the founder of Fabric, and the incredible Gok Wan, Plus a Surprise Special Guest on Stage 2 Day 2 with Wez Saunders CEO of Defected Records, who will share his remarkable journey from fashion icon to electronic music DJ.

Adding to the excitement, the summit will witness the launch of the Electronic Music Report 2024, generously supported by Amazon, providing an in-depth analysis of the industry’s latest successes and trends. Additionally, the benchmark Night Time Economy Report 2024 will be unveiled, offering a comprehensive look at the current patterns and trends from 2023, providing invaluable insights into the future of the UK night time economy. We will also be hosting a New Workshop Stage which will deliver key Academic Papers from Researchers and Academics from across the world, plus consumer marketing insights and the development of AI within the Night Time Economy.

With over 200 speakers and support from key industry players such as the DEFECTED, Home Office, NACTSO, Mustard Media, Department of Business and Industry, The Fair, Skiddle, Ticketmaster, Toolroom, Hospital Records, VibeLab, UKH, BBPA, Pioneer, ATC, Beatport, TikTok, Institute of Hospitality, Japan NTE Association, Institute of Licensing, Gig Pig, NDML, AGF, Listen for Life,           The Loop, Earth Percent, MVT, Featured Artist Coalition, UK Music, Morning Advertiser, DJ Magazine, UKCMA, Asbares, Showsec, Carbon Literacy, SIA, Drinkstrust, PRS Foundation, Arts Council, Help Musicians, Attitude is Everything, and many more, this year’s Night Time Economy Summit promises to be a phenomenal and groundbreaking event. Don’t miss the opportunity to be part of the conversation that will shape the future of the Night Time Economy.

NTES 2024 Speakers (A-Z)
Aitch B – Abel Reynolds – Adrian Perret – Afrodeutsche – Ali Turnham – Amber Davis – Amelie Maurice Jones – Andrea Baptiste – Andy Burnham – Andy Frank – Andy Raeside – Anna Sclimm – Anjali Prahsar Savoie – Ariel Palitz – Arts Council – Atheer Al Salim – Bev Craig – Ben Newby – Camilo Ospina Guzman – Carly Heath – Caroline Clift – Cathy Runciman – Charlotte Maynard – Ch.Insp Jonathon Waterfield – Chris Goss – Chris Hawkins – Chris Lee – Chris Simpson – Christina Vale Pires – Claire O’Neill – Cristina Vale Pires – Dan Davies – Danny Claire – Danny Howard – Dean Acreman – Deborah Hewitt – Dims Netherlands – Doc Martin – Dr Adam Behr – Dr Mathew Flynn – Duncan King – Ed Gillett – Eimer Deane – Ella McWilliams – Ellen Beth Abdi – Emma Mcklarkin – Finlay Johnson – Fraser Swift – George De St Mars – Georgia Green – Gerry Parker – Gok Wan – Grace Flynn – Graeme Park – Griff Harding – Guy Jones – Harriet Grace – Helen Valente – Help Musicians – Holy Lester – Hope Nolan – Ise Murphy – Ian Graham – Ian Haworth – Jason Dolman – Jeff Smith MP – Jen Mackley – Jenn Nemo Smith – Jeremy Pritchard – Joe Frankland – Jody Clark – Jorge Meehan – Jordan Ford – Julie Tippins – Kamila Rymajdo – Karl Klub Verboten – Katouche – Kate Nicholls – Kate Osler – Katy Porter – Keith Reilly – Keith Reilly Robert Shepherd – Kenneth Bailey – Kevin Holinrake – Kira Ashwin – Kitty Amor – Koos Zwaan – Lapsley – Latoya Reisner – Lauren Down – Lawrence Barton – Leo Charalambides – Lindsay McIntyre – Lisa Baskott – Lisa Lashes – Lisa Mafia – Lyle Bignon – Lucy St John – Luke Fletcher MS – Maia Jessica Barker – Manu Naykene – Maria May – Mark Burtonwood – Mark Lawrence – Mark Logan – Martin Nicastro – Mary Jane – Megan Townsend – Megan Wallace – Michael Kill – Michael Rodrigues – Michelle Russell – Mike Grieve – Mike Kill – Mike Linell – Miles Shackleton – Mirik Milan – Moe Choucair – Natalie Lea – Natalie Stewart – Natalia Szczepanczyk – Natasha Rymajdo – Nick Morgan – Nina Kehegia – Ojay Mcdonald – Olha Udivenko – Ollie Gardiner – Ollie Ryder – Oposhona Ghosh – Pat Plummer – Patrycja Rozbicka – Pauline McNeill MSP – Phillipa Clifford Jones – Philip Kolvin KC – Phoebe Roberts – PRS Foundation – Prof. Alice O’Grady – Prof. Ewa Mazierska – Prof. Fiona Measham – Prof. Koos Zwaan – Prof.Sam Parsley – Ricky Oscroft – Rob Adamson – Robert Richardson – Robbie Ashdown – Rory Palmer Rowe – Rowetta – Royal Society of Arts – Sacha Lord – Sati Rai – Sarah Clover – Sarah Crane – Sarah Moxom – Sarah Slater – Sarah Story – Seanie T – Serg Bienati – Silvana Kill – Silvia Montello – Salma Repa – Sophia Wardman – Steve Rotherham – Steven Braines – Steve Rowles – Sunil Sharpe – Suzanne Bull MBE – Sylvia Oates – Tak Umezawa – Tamsin Embleton – The Library Project – The Royal Society – The Society for Research in Higher Education – Tom Devine – Tom Kiehl – Tony Hogan – Tony Rigg – Tracy Brabin – Vick Bain – Wez Saunders – Will Stevens – Yuri Dokter – Yewande Adeniran

A Multifaceted Experience Across Four Riveting Stages:

Main Stage: A convergence of leaders from major cities, governance bodies, central government, and global night time economy experts. Topics include urban safety, cultural enrichment, economic sustainability, and technology’s role in enhancing the nocturnal experience.

Stage 2: Hosted by Defected Records, it will explore crucial aspects of the electronic music industry, including management strategies, the role of agents, trends in publishing, effective promotional techniques, and the evolving landscape of record labels.

Stage 3: Partnering with VibeLab, day 1 on Stage 3 will highlight innovations in safety, ergonomics, communication, data management, and advocacy, fostering a safer and more efficient global nightlife experience. On day 2, the stage will be hosted by We are the Fair, delving into the challenges faced by independent festivals, exploring solutions, sharing best practices, and advocating for policies that support their sustainability within the Night Time Economy.

Stage 4: Focused on Advocacy, Accessibility, Diversity, Inclusion, and Sustainability. It will explore strategies for making the night time economy universally accessible, championing diversity and inclusion, and promoting sustainability.

As a beacon of innovation, the summit will feature insights from government officials across the UK, including the esteemed partnership of Greater Manchester Combined Authority. Our global network will serve as a bridge, connecting experts worldwide for unparalleled international cooperation and knowledge exchange.

Michael Kill, the dynamic CEO of the Night Time Industries Association, exclaims, “With the unveiling of the complete roster of speakers and panelists for the summit, the Night Time Economy Summit 2024 stands as the pinnacle of worldwide cooperation, bringing together intellects from diverse realms within the nighttime landscape. Manchester is poised to transform into the focal point of a groundbreaking interchange of ideas poised to mould the trajectory of our industry’s future.” 

Andy Burnham, Mayor of Greater Manchester:
“We are delighted that the NTIA’s Night-Time Economy Summit will be coming to Greater Manchester in February 2024. We look forward to building on the success of this year’s event in London, and recognising the hard work and amazing representation that the trade association delivered throughout the pandemic for the hospitality and night time economy sector across the UK.”

Sacha Lord Night Time Economy Adviser, Co-founder The Warehouse Project/ Parklife:
“Throughout the Covid period, the NTIA became the biggest voice for nightlife across the UK, so much so, it was an honour when I was invited to become Chair. I’m delighted they have decided to uproot and choose Greater Manchester for the next Summit, in 2024. It will be the biggest to date, in a city region where it has been said, tables were made for dancing on.”

Partners: VibeLab / Defected Records / We Are The Fair / Ticketmaster / NDML Insurance / Skiddle / Mustard Media / GigPig / Mustard Media / Amazon

The Night Time Economy Summit 2024 isn’t just an event; it’s a movement. A convergence of professionals, enthusiasts, and policymakers, it promises an unmatched platform for idea exchange, networking, and groundbreaking innovation. Join us in Manchester at Escape from Freight Island for an experience that transcends boundaries.

*Full Schedule of Panels and Speakers Available from 18.00pm Monday 15th January 2024

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Nikki McNeill | Global Publicity