30 ETEP festivals will take place over the next month, showcasing 56 acts from 16 countries to international audiences

Over the next month, 56 ETEP acts will travel to 15 countries to deliver 90 ETEP shows. Sziget festival in Hungary will showcase the largest number of ETEP acts:  Jungle by Night (nl), Pipes and Pints (cz), blackwave. (be), Ivan Dorn (ua), RENDEZ VOUS (fr), RUTHANNE (ie), Whispering Sons (be), Cavetown (gb) Elderbrook (gb), Her Skin (it) and Lord Esperanza (fr), With 11 acts from 8 countries, the festival is the perfect location to discover the diversity that European music has to offer.

If you’re visiting one of the 33 summer festivals over the next month, make sure to visit a show by one of these ETEP acts: Fontaines D.C., Elderbrook, The Murder Capital, Black Midi, Mahalia, Octavian, Flohio, Pip Blom, girl in red, Blu Samu, RENDEZ VOUS, Juniore, Fangclub, Iris Gold, Ivan Dorn, Penelope Isles, Gurr, whenyoung, Whispering Sons, Cavetown, Boy Azooga, Diron Animal, MAiKA, The Mauskovic Dance Band, Kompromat, Nova Materia, Gato Preto, LA FRAICHEUR, Say Yes Dog, Hugo Barriol, KAWALA, Adam Naas, Emma-Jean Thackray’s Walrus, The Blinders, Cassia, John Moods, MNNQNS, Sibiir, Jungle by Night, Pipes and Pints, blackwave., RUTHANNE, Her Skin, Lord Esperanza, 5K HD, Blanco White, Gerry Cinnamon, Maarja Nuut & Ruum, The Slow Readers Club, KOKOROKO, LAFAWNDAH, Free Love, APRE, Farveblind, Sea Girls and Mavi Phoenix.

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BrETEP – better than Brexit
While the Brexit fiasco rumbles on in seemingly never-ending fashion, ETEP continues to prove that collaboration works better than separation. In fact, this year’s ETEP edition has worked extremely well for UK acts, scoring high in terms of the numbers of participating artists and overall shows.
One of the essential elements of the European Talent Exchange Programme since its launch in 2003, has been to support the circulation of upcoming artists at international music festivals. But it seems somewhat ironic that in the year of the supposed departure of the UK from the European Union, UK artists should experience an outstanding ETEP season: With 91 confirmed shows for 30 UK acts the Brits lead the ETEP Countries Chart, followed by Ireland with 11 bands playing 37 shows and the Netherlands with 17 artists booked for 36 shows.

So, this gives us good reason to ask Greg Parmley, chairman of the UK Live Music Group and director of the International Live Music Conference (ILMC) to comment on the success rate of UK artists in the ETEP 2019 edition:

“The UK has always punched far above its weight musically, and Europe is an incredibly important market – Ten percent of the UK music industry workforce is European, while Sixty percent of PRS for Music’s international revenue comes from the continent. It’s too early to understand the full impact of Brexit, but UK artists will be wanting to hone their skills in clubs from Amsterdam to Zagreb for many decades to come.” – Greg Parmley

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Q&A with Harry Jenner
The song “Bad Guy” by Billie Eilish is an enormous hit, and listening to the track, you can’t help clicking your fingers, while the video features some cool looking bad guys. But is this song a soundtrack for Harry Jenner, one of three Austrians ruling the concert market in the alpine republic. Going by the lyrics “So you’re a tough guy, like it really rough guy” maybe, perhaps definitely, as an article in refers to him with the headline “Buhmann with Success.”

Harry Jenner is the founder and inventor of the Frequency Festival and according to a highly successful but nevertheless pretty much straight forward live music entrepreneur. Besides this, Jenner is also responsible for deciding that the Austrian music festival became an early adopter of ETEP, from the early days when the programme was first launched.

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ETEP Artist Chart
1.Fontaines D.C. (ie) – 13 shows
2.Black Midi (gb) – 9 shows
3.Flohio (gb) – 9 shows
4.Elderbrook (gb) – 8 shows
5.Pip Blom (nl) – 8 shows
6.Mavi Phoenix (at) – 8 shows
7.SEA GIRLS (gb) – 7 shows
8.Octavian (gb) – 7 shows
9.Iris Gold (dk) – 7 shows
10.The Murder Capital (ie) – 6 shows

ETEP Chart by Country
1.Fontaines D.C. (ie) – 13 shows
2.Black Midi (gb) – 9 shows
3.Pip Blom (nl) – 8 shows
4.Mavi Phoenix (at) – 8 shows
5.Iris Gold (dk) – 7 shows
6.girl in red (no) – 6 shows
7.Whispering Sons (be) – 5 shows
8.RENDEZ VOUS (fr) – 4 shows
9.Gato Preto (de) – 4 shows
10.Yegor Zabelov (by) – 4 shows

Discover the acts
Want to discover these breakthrough acts? This weekend will be host to 7 ETEP festivals, so there’s bound to be one near you.

Paleo Festival Nyon (ch): Kompromat (fr), LA FRAICHEUR (fr), RENDEZ VOUS (fr), The Mauskovic Dance Band (nl), Nova Materia (fr), Gato Preto (de).
Kendal Calling (gb): Juniore (fr).
Y not festival (gb): Pip Blom (nl), Fangclub (ie), The Murder Capital (ie).
Standon Calling (gb): Iris Gold (dk), Juniore (fr), Fangclub (ie)
Juicy Beats (de): Say Yes Dog (lu), Blu Samu (be), KAWALA (gb), Hugo Barriol (fr)
Positivus festival (lv): Elderbrook (gb), Ivan Dorn (ua), Adam Naas (fr), Emma-Jean Thackray (gb),
Waves Vienna (at): Iris Gold (dk), Cassia (gb), John Moods (de), MNNQNS (fr), Penelope Isles (gb), The Blinders (gb)
Truck Festival (gb): whenyoung (ie), Pip Blom (nl), The Murder Capital (ie), Gurr (de)

About ETEP
The European Talent Exchange Programme (ETEP) was introduced in 2003 to stimulate the exchange of European artists across Europe, and would not be possible without the funding of the support programmes for culture by the European Union. ETEP has been one of the very first programmes to support popular music on a European level. Currently ETEP receives funding by the sub-programme “Culture” as part of Creative Europe. To find out more about Creative Europe, please check

An initiative of ESNS, ETEP facilitates the bookings of European acts on European & international festivals outside their home countries and generates extensive media exposure for these artists in cooperation with the European Broadcasting Union (EBU) public radio stations, as well as national and international media. Additionally, ETEP actively cooperates with 16 music export offices. This way, ETEP aims to give a boost to the international careers of European artists and highlights the participating ETEP festivals.

Since the start of the programme in 2003 ETEP has facilitated 4.308 shows by 1580 acts in 37 countries, and we are very proud to have contributed to the careers of so many talented European acts. Many acts that received support from ETEP at the start of their careers have grown out to be very successful. Over the past 17 years, acts such as Agnes Obel, Ásgeir, Ben Howard, Benjamin Clementine, Calvin Harris, Franz Ferdinand, James Blake, MØ, Noisia, Selah Sue, The Editors, The Kooks, The XX, Within Temptation and Years & Years have greatly benefited from the support of the ETEP programme. More recently, acts such as Idles, Shame, Alma, Aurora and Dua Lipa played some of their first international shows with the support of the European Talent Exchange Programme.

Nikki McNeill | Global Publicity

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