Tastes of the World and Netsky bring you four inspiring dishes and recipes to prepare you for the Tomorrowland Around The World festival. Get behind the cooking pots or fire up the BBQ and take your festival experience to the next level.

Learn to cook some amazing food with world-class chefs with easy to follow videos and recipes to download. More info here:

And now to discover the the dishes….

Tomorrowland Pancakes with Roger van Damme
Roger van Damme is well known for his amazing waffles and bakery at Tomorrowland. The king of desserts teaches you the ins and outs and shows you how to take the classic pancake to the next level.

Watch the Pancakes with Roger van Damme video here:

Perfect BBQ Glaze with Seppe Nobels
Seppe Nobels, renowned for his magic with vegetables, teaches you how to create a simple yet sophisticated BBQ glaze. Ideal to jazz up your barbecue and make any grilled meal special.

Watch the BBQ Glaze with Seppe Nobels video here:

MESA Taco’s with Laurens Sijssens
MESA’s head chef, Tomorrowland’s restaurant in Antwerp, shows you how to prepare Chicken Taco’s. Quick, healthy and flavorful – the perfect recipe for a relaxing dinner with friends.

Watch the MESA Taco’s Laurens Sijssens video here

Kebab with The Wussler Brothers
German brothers Tobias and Sebastian Wussler spin a creative twist on a festival food classic: a kebab based on eggplant

Watch the Vegan with The Wussler Brothers here:

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