Final additions to the music festival include Dutch acts CHARLOT, Hiqpy, Karsu, Noor, Numidia and Sophie Straat. ESNS also publishes the festival timetable in the new official app. ESNS24 will take place from January 17 – 20, 2024 in Groningen, the Netherlands. Festival tickets and conference registrations are available now.

Today, ESNS (Eurosonic Noorderslag), the key exchange for emerging European music, announces the full music line-up of 256 acts from 36 European countries to perform at its four-day showcase festival ESNS24. 

Discover all the acts taking the stages at unique locations in Groningen, the Netherlands between 17 and 20 January here.

Additionally, ESNS announces the renewed official ESNS app. Festival attendees can personalise their programme by selecting their favourite artists in the timetable. The official ESNS app is an essential tool for visitors and delegates who want to get the most out of their festival experience. Download the app in the App Store or Google Play

Final Additions to Festival Line-Up
Final additions to the music festival are CHARLOT (nl), Fuse (nl), Hiqpy (nl), Karsu (nl), Lov3less (nl), Maryn Charlie (nl), Max Hell (nl), MOJO FYRE (nl), Noor (nl), Numidia (nl), Parbleu (it), Queen’s Pleasure (nl), Ritse (nl), Roxeanne Hazes (nl), Sef & het El Salvador Ensemble (nl), SERA (nl), Sophie Straat (nl), and THAMES (nl).

All the acts that are confirmed to play at ESNS 2024 are:
Ada Oda (be), Adriaan Persons (nl), AGGRASOPPAR (fo), Amber Broos (be, VRT/STUDIO BRUSSEL), Amistat (de), Ana Lua Caiano (pt), Angie (fr), Anna-Rose Clayton (nl), Annie Taylor (ch), Ão (be), ARAI (at), Arny Margret (is), Artificialice (pl), Ash Olsen (no), Astral Bakers (fr), AySay (dk, DR P6), Bad Daughter (hr), Batbait (ch), Bateu Matou (pt, RTP/ANTENA 3), Berry Galazka (pl), Betterov (de, ARD), BEX (at), Birrd (fr), BLUAI (be), Bo Milli (no), Bound By Endogamy (ch), Bracco (fr), Brama (fr), Brass Rave Unit (nl, NPO Soul & Jazz), Brintex Collective (nl), BROCKHOFF (de), Bulgarian Cartrader (bg), Buzz Ayaz (cy), C’est Karma (lu, LUERSL/100.7), Caroline Alves (ch, SRF3), CATT (de), CHAiLD (lu), Chalk (ie / uk-ni), CHARLOT (nl), Chica Chica (nl, NPO Soul & Jazz), Chubby Cat (ie), Ciśnienie (pl), Clarissa Connelly (dk), Claude (nl), ClockClock (de), CMAT (ie), Cocobolo (nl), COLLIGNON (nl), Colombre (it, RAI Radio 2), comforter2 (nl), Conchúr White (ie), crème solaire (ch), Cucamaras (uk-eng), Dame Area (es/it), Daniel Levi (ee, ERR/RADIO 2), Daniela Pes (it), Den Der Hale (se), Divorce From New York (es), Dlina Volny (by), Don Kapot (be), Dorpsstraat 3 (nl), Dottie Andersson (se), Droom Dit (nl), Duckshell (hu), Eddington Again (de), ELASI (it), Elephant (nl), Elmer (nl), Elmiene (uk-eng), English Teacher (uk-eng), Eurowitch (es), Expresso Transatlântico (pt), Fat Dog (uk-eng), Flaire (nl), Fran Vasilić (hr), Franek Warzywa & Młody Budda (pl), freekind. (si), Froukje (nl), Fuse (nl), Get Jealous (de/nl), Goldkimono (nl), Graham Lake (se), Grand Sun (pt), gugusar (is), Güner Künier (de), Gunmoll (nl), Habla de mí en presente (es), Heave Blood & Die (no), Hei’An (si), Hippotraktor (be), Hiqpy (nl), Honesty (uk-eng), Humour (uk-sco), I Love You Honey Bunny (cz), Idaly (nl), iedereen (de), IGNEA (ua), Immortal Onion x Michał Jan (pl), Iota Phi (gr), Iron Jinn (nl), ISHA (nl, NPO Soul & Jazz), Island Mint (cz, CR / RADIO WAVE), Iva Lorens (rs, RTS, RADIO BELGRADE ONE), Ivo Dimchev (bg), Izzy and the Black Trees (pl), Jana Mila (nl), Jann (pl), Jaz Karis (uk-eng, BBC Introducing), jazzygold (fo), Joalin (fi, YLE X), Joker Out (si, RADIO SLOVENIJA/Val202), Joon (mt), Joost (nl, 3FM), Jouska (no), Júlia Colom (es), Julia Sabaté (nl), Julie Pavon (dk), Kalush Orchestra (ua), KAMRAD (de, ARD), Karsu (nl), Kay Slice (nl, NPO Soul & Jazz), Kimyan Law (at), Kingfishr (ie), Kitty Florentine (ee), Klawo (pl), Kleine Crack & Slagter (be), Kuna Maze (be), LA ÉLITE (es), Lambrini Girls (uk-eng), LASY (pl), Laura Masotto (it), Le Boom (ie), Leatherette (it), LEILA (ch), Lenhart Tapes (rs), Lenny Monsou (nl), Library Card (nl), LÓN (is, RUV/RAS2), Los Sara Fontan (es), Loupe (nl), Lov3less (nl), Loverman (be), Lucky Lo (dk), Lufthansa (mk), Lynks (uk-eng, BBC Introducing), MARO (pt), Marta del Grandi (it), Maryn Charlie (nl), Master Peace (uk-eng), MAURINO (nl), Max Hell (nl), Melin Melyn (uk-wal), Meltheads (be, VRT/STUDIO BRUSSEL), Meowlau x Val (sk, RTVS/Radio_FM), Mickael Karkousse (be), Might Delete Later (lv, LATVIJAS RADIO 5), Mihail (ro), ML (be, TIPIK), MOJO FYRE (nl), Monte Mai (ch, RSI Rete3), Moonstone (pl), Morpheus (nl), Moses Yoofee Trio (de), Nathalie Froehlich (ch), Negros Tou Moria (gr, ERT / Kosmos), Nelly Moar (no, NRK/P3), néomi (nl), NFNR (ua), No Guidnce (uk-eng), Noor (nl), Numidia (nl), Nusantara Beat (nl), Nze Nze (fr), Ona Mafalda (es), Orbit (de), Orions Belte (no), Oskar Haag (at, ORF/FM4), Pablopablo (es), Parbleu (it), Pearl & The Oysters (fr), Pearly Drops (fi), Picture Parlour (uk-eng), Pip Blom (nl), Plié (lt), Ploegendienst (nl), Pol (nl), Polak GBP (pl), Polymoon (fi), Pommelien Thijs (be), Porcelain id (be), Primaat (nl), Prisma (dk), Promis3 (be), Psyché (it), Psycho Weazel (ch, COULEUR 3), Queen’s Pleasure (nl), Quique (nl), Raghd (se), Ralphie Choo (es), Reanny (nl), Reinel Bakole (be), Rens, Jaïr & Ome Uncle (nl), Ritse (nl), ROLROLROL (nl, NPO Soul & Jazz), ROSEYE (nl, NPO Soul & Jazz), Roxeanne Hazes (nl), Roxy Dekker (nl), Rūta MUR (lt, LRT Opus), Sarah Julia (nl), Sef & het El Salvador Ensemble (nl), Sekou (uk-eng), SERA (nl), Shapednoise & Sevi Iko Dømochevsky present Absurd Matter (de/it), Sharktank (at), Shell Beach (hu), Shida Shahabi (se), Sierra (fr), sinks (cz), Skier and Yeti (rs), slowshift (no), Sluwe Ollie (nl), Sophie Straat (nl), Soyuz (by), Stuzzi (se, SR/P3), SUBFICTION (nl), Sweetlemondae (ie, RTE/2FM), Tamara Kramar (sk), Thala (de), THAMES (nl), The Indien (nl), The Love Buzz (ie), The Royston Club (uk-wal), The Vices (nl), The Winston Brothers (de), Tramhaus (nl), TRIGAIDA (bg, BNR), UNIVERSITY (uk-eng), Us (fi), UTO (fr), Uzi Freyja (fr), Vévaki (is), Viji (at), VIRTA (fi), W!ZARD (fr), Waclaw Zimpel (pl), waterbaby (se), Wax Museum (de), Yard (ie), Yaro Mila (nl), YĪN YĪN (nl), Yoni Mayraz (uk-eng), yunè pinku (ie), Yung Dada (nl), Zaho de Sagazan (fr, Radio France), Zamilska (pl), and Zoë Livay (nl).

Discover the complete line-up and timetable at, in our official ESNS Festival playlist and the official ESNS app.

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ESNS24 will take place from January 17 – 20, 2024 in Groningen, the Netherlands.

About ESNS
ESNS (Eurosonic Noorderslag) is a non-profit organisation and independent platform dedicated to promoting and discovering new European and Dutch music.

Founded in 1986, ESNS annually hosts the annual four-day showcase festival and music conference across venues in Groningen, the Netherlands. Uncover the most enthralling emerging European (Eurosonic) and Dutch (Noorderslag) acts ranging from mainstream pop to progressive finds during the festival, which sets the stage for leading European festivals. Expand your knowledge of industry-leading topics and innovation during the conference, geared at trailblazing the music industry towards a sustainable future.

ESNS has proven essential in breaking new European acts into live music scenes throughout Europe and beyond. Launched in 1986, the showcase festival has an impressive history and proven track record of kickstarting the international careers of artists like Altin Gün, Alina Pash, Arlo Parks, Baby Volcano, Deki Alem, Dua Lipa, Fontaines D.C., girl in red, Hania Rani, The Haunted Youth, July Jones, Meduza, Priya Ragu, Pongo, Queralt Lahoz, Sigrid, Tramhaus, Trupa Trupa, and Wet Leg.

Press accreditation
Press is required to request press accreditation to attend the festival. Find all the information on acquiring accreditation to both the festival and the conference on the online press centre of ESNS.

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