This #festivalfriday is all about #festivalart. With many festivals now looking outside the box, there is now an increasing focus on arts and cultural programming with many showcasing some of the world’s most revered artists and showing that it’s not all about the music. With everything from creative art installations, magnificently designed stages and expertly crafted chill zones there is something for everyone to discover. Here’s our pick of some of the best #festivalart on offer this summer!

Alongside its impressive programme of electronic music, Mysteryland also showcases an array of international celebrities from the art world showcasing their magnificent works of art at the festival. For 2016, Kate Raudenbush, best known for her work on Burning Man Festival, has collaborated with Jake Kooi to design this year’s mainstage. Visitors can expect an elaborate feminine framework, with shapes made from steel and detailed ornaments. Robert Bose, famed for his Balloon Chain at Burning Man and Coachella, will be bringing his impressive installations which consist of hundreds of balloons all connecting to one another and tied to his bike that move wherever he does! Stichting Barstow’s Moonburn is a huge supermoon made from a unique paint that absorbs the sunlight, witnessing this in the dark is something truly remarkable. Other artists include Marisja Smit & Thijs Trompert with their 16 metre high ‘Waterlelie’, Florentijn Hofman’s Feestbeest, Studio Toer’s dreamy light installation and be sure to check out WERC collective’s enchanting light show which is best seen in the dark from the top of the mountain.
Mysteryland takes place from 27-28 August 2016 with acts including Diplo, Martin Garrix, Surgeon ft. Lady Starlight, Dave Clarke, Rebekah, Apollonia and Boys Noize. 2-day tickets from £95 available at

Taking place on the sun-kissed golden sands of Zeebrugge Beach in Belgium, WECANDANCE’s extensive art offering for 2016 will host work from some of Belgium’s finest artists. Stanislas Lahaut uses playfulness as a strategy for broaching serious and essential matters through his text works and installations and will be bringing a pink neon installation with the text ‘Can I stay a little longer, I’m so happy here’ to the festival. ‘CLOUD 9’ is an artistic collaboration between Jonas Van Put, Lauren Fonteyn, NikAelbrecht and collectiefmars; an organic cloud made of bulbs and ridges, cavities and slopes, pits and peaks and is the perfect place for playful interaction. Legendary artist Paul Van Hoeydock, responsible for ‘Fallen Astronaut’ the first work of art placed on the moon by Apollo 15 will be showcasing a huge ice sculpture at the festival as well as printed napkins which read “To open the way to the stars is the most important mission of men in this century”.
WECANDANCE takes place from 13-14 August 2016 with acts including Dixon, Jamie Jones, DJ Tennis, Eduardo Castillo, Recondite, Pachanga Boys, Young Marco, Maribou State and more. 2-day tickets from £65 available at

Sziget offers its guests a diverse and open-minded program ensuring it is much more than a music festival. They offer the chance for people to apply for it’s ‘Art of Freedom’ tender which sees many of these installations come to life on the island, allowing festivalgoers to experience many different worlds at the festival. With a plethora of installations including Nívós Társaság’s ‘Flower Park’, Tekla Fehérvári’s ‘Elektropus’, Wahorn Works’ ‘Wahorn Love Nest’, ‘The hands of unity’ by Dorottya Barthó, Viktória Eisenberger and Csilla Herbszt and Márton Nyirán’s Gőzmozdony – an incredible locomotive sculpture made of recycled materials there is a vast array of art on display at Europe’s biggest festival.If you want to try your hand at something, there is also an ArtZone which allows visitors to try a number of different art forms and create their very own arts and crafts. More details of what will be on site can be found here.
Sziget takes place from 10-17 August 2016 in Hungary, with acts including Rihanna, Muse, Sia, Noel Gallagher, Bastille, Jake Bugg, Bloc Party, David Guetta and Chvrches. 7-day tickets from £175 available at