A key member of the Minus family for almost a decade, Gaiser releases False Light, his third artist album on Richie Hawtin’s label today. The ten-track affair shows the American born, Berlin based techno innovator to have continued to evolve since his last full length and again is a very complete and contemporary techno tale.

Opening up with ‘Strangers’, a squelchy groove is established immediately with ghoulish voices bringing lots of dark energy to the thumping drums. From there a high tempo is kept up with the likes of ‘Oozewave’ and its spritely, squealing synths, ‘Say What’ and its rubbery drums and always percolating baseline and the superbly synthetic and rolling ‘Droplets’, which sounds like classic Gaiser. The second half of the album unfolds through kinetic, funk led affairs like ‘Reflekts’ with its pained and lingering synths, the tightly coiled and apocalyptic sounding ‘Driftwork’ and then shuts down with the lush ambient textures and liquid synths of ‘Way Out’.

False Light is available now on Beatport , also available for pre-order on Itunes

14-Nov-14 Village Underground, London, England
15-Nov-14 Urban Club, Castelfranco, Treviso, Italy
21-Nov-14 Sub Club, Glasgow, UK
22-Nov-14 The Warehouse Project, Manchester, UK
29-Nov-14 Cafe Gold, Zurich, Switzerland
05-Dec-14 D Club, Lausanne, Switzerland
06-Dec-14 Fuse Club, Brussels, Belgium
13-Dec-14 Kristal Club, Bucharest, Romania
19-Dec-14 Zig Zag, Paris, France
09-Jan-15 LUX, Lisboa, Portugal
10-Jan-15 Spartacus Club, Aix-En-Provence, France
17-Jan-15 Gare Club, Porto, Portugal