The Night Time Industries Association (NTIA) announce a significant milestone in its mission to strengthen the nighttime economy across the United Kingdom. The national trade body, which represents tens of thousands of businesses across the Night Time Economy (NTE) has appointed 30 NTE Ambassadors, representing major cities across the UK. This initiative is a major step forward in the NTIA’s commitment to enhance local representation by key business leaders in the nighttime economy.

In response to the growing importance of the NTE and the vital role it plays in our cultural and economic landscape, the NTIA launched a campaign last year calling for the appointment of Night Time Economy Advisors in every major city throughout the UK.

Despite the urgency and significance of this call, the UK has appointed only two Night Time Economy Advisors in the last three years.

The 30 Night Time Economy Ambassadors will play a pivotal role in bridging the gap between the industry and policymakers, fostering collaboration, and ensuring that our cities thrive not only during the day but also after sunset. Their dedication and expertise will be instrumental in shaping the future of the night time economy across the UK.

Michael Kill, CEO of the Night Time Industries Association, has called for faster progress across UK regions in appointing NTE Advisors, saying:
“We believe that the UK has been lagging behind in recognising the potential and significance of the night-time economy, compared to other world-leading countries.

“The nighttime industry is not merely about entertainment. It is a crucial driver of local economies, providing jobs and opportunities while contributing to the unique community character and culture of our cities.

“With the appointment of 30 Night Time Economy Ambassadors in major cities across the UK, the NTIA aims to accelerate representation and advocacy for nighttime economy businesses.

“These Ambassadors, who are prominent business leaders and stakeholders within their respective communities, will act as champions for the night time economy. They will work closely with the current network of Night Time Economy Advisors, local authorities, businesses, and communities to ensure that the nighttime sector’s needs and potential are recognised, supported, and cultivated.”

“We are excited to have these 30 Night Time Economy Ambassadors on board and believe that their collective efforts will create a brighter future for the nighttime industry in the UK. It’s time for our cities to fully embrace and benefit from the night-time economy, and with these Ambassadors leading the way, we are confident that we are on the right path.”

The Night Time Industries Association extends its heartfelt gratitude to all the newly appointed Night Time Economy Ambassadors for their commitment to enhancing the nighttime economy. Together, we will create vibrant, diverse, and thriving nighttime economies that reflect the unique character of our cities.

Lyle Bignon, NTE Ambassador for Birmingham, said: “It is crucial, in both the current financially challenging climate and during periods of cultural and economic success, that the UK further recognises, harnesses and celebrates the contribution of the Night Time Economy.

“The NTIA has campaigned hard for improvements in domestic legislation, policy and governance affecting Birmingham’s NTE. I look forward to working on behalf of Michael, his team, and the city’s brilliant NTE community to continue this work, as well as celebrate the many successes and achievements of one of the most lively and vibrant NTE landscapes in Europe.”

Clair Moffat NTE Ambassador for Portsmouth said:
“We cannot understate the value of the night time economy across the UK, in Portsmouth there are so many facets to the industry it’s important to be plugged in both locally and nationally.”

“The NTIA initiative will allow me as a representative in the city to share upto date information, and generate a stronger local link to national influence.”

Jenn Nimmo-Smith NTE Ambassador Glasgow said:
“The NTIA has been a vital support for Glasgow and the wider Scottish and UK night time economies, championing its cultural relevance and campaigning for improvements.

I look forward to working alongside the NTIA Scotland and UK team to give support to our local infrastructure, amplifying their needs and feeding into a national voice.

The Glasgow NTE is a crucial contributor to the economic success of the city, and it’s essential that the sector is supported and its potential is realised. More work needs to be done to ensure its future success.”

Nick Newman NTE Ambassador for Cardiff said:
“Cardiff boasts a vibrant night time economy infused with creativity, entrepreneurial zeal, and a passionate commitment to championing this sector. This endeavor empowers us with a more unified and influential presence, both within our community and on a national scale.”

Yuval Hen NTE Ambassador London said:
“The past three years have posed significant challenges for businesses within London’s night-time economy. However, a silver lining has emerged in the form of industry communities coming together and collaborating effectively to provide mutual support. The initiative introduced by the NTIA will enable us to formalise this collective effort, enabling local business representatives to contribute to a unified national voice.”

James Slater & Michele Somers NTE Ambassadors for Nottingham said:
“As we know, being outside of London can sometimes feel like we are a lost voice in the bigger picture of things, nationally. Nottingham now being represented by the NTIA is great news and a positive and progressive step in increasing our city’s visibility amongst policy makers and the UK’s key players. Showcasing Nottingham’s culture, addressing local challenges, supporting businesses and ensuring that the city’s voice is heard on the national stage. This also brings with it more opportunities for information sharing, as well as celebrating our home-grown successes and initiatives, whilst growing our ability to share these with our wider networks for national consideration.

Nottingham is an incredibly vibrant, independent, forward-thinking and proud city, with diverse pockets of culture around every corner. A city that wants to be heard and celebrated for its differences. A city that also wants to be understood for our nuances and what tailored support and recognition we need in growing, whilst best protecting the interests and characteristics of our city. Representation on this level will ensure the city’s concerns are considered in national discussions, advocating for policies that benefit the way in which our city works best. Providing support and solutions, particularly during challenging times or as we face new and emerging issues locally and nationally.

NTIA representation will shine a spotlight on the things that matter to Nottingham, providing us that voice centre stage.”
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The Night Time Industries Association (NTIA) is the voice of the UK’s night time economy. Established in 2015, NTIA represents businesses, venues, and stakeholders in the nighttime industry. Our mission is to safeguard, support, and celebrate the cultural, social, and economic contributions of the night time economy to our communities and cities across the UK.

Nikki McNeill | Global Publicity