The two not-for-profits join forces to support the electronic independent music industry.

Night Time Industries Association and The Music Lotto announce partnership with a united objective to break down barriers to music, and make the electronic music industry a more inclusive and accessible career opportunity for people entering the creative sectors and provide routes to access night time spaces to showcase their talent.

With NTIA’s focus on protecting and enhancing electronic music culture, communities and all things nightlife, Music Lotto has created a unique lottery that gives back to up and coming artists and businesses within the creative industries across the UK. 

The Music Lotto Launched in the summer of 2022 as a digital fundraising lottery. Each lottery ticket costs £1, with 50% of all ticket sales split between the grants programme for talent, giving artists financial support to further their career, with further donations going to a range of charity partners. 

Over the next 6 months, NTIA & The Music Lotto will be bringing together ambassadors and partners to provide access to various support including The Music Lottos’ grants programme. 

The grants programme will allow unsigned talent to apply for monetary support of up to £1k for anything they may need, including equipment, studio time, access to tech and performance spaces etc

Night time venues who wish to provide a platform for up and coming artists can also apply for support. We want to encourage venues to expand and diversify their music offering to drive a more inclusive customer experience. 

Michael Kill CEO NTIA says

“Over the course of the last 4 years, we have witnessed the struggles faced by emerging talent across the electronic music sector, and the subsequent void in the talent pipeline.”


“The night time culture economy has always been an advocate for new and emerging talent, and prides itself on giving grassroots artists a platform to access physical audiences, and the ability to build their fanbase.”


“The Music Lotto programme will go a long way to help fund new talent across the creative sectors, helping to rebuild local and national talent pipeline and generate more opportunities for aspiring artists across the UK.”


Silvana Kill, Director NTIA says

“We are continually looking at ways to support up and coming artists and creatives, as well as venues who want to provide a platform for new talent. Our partnership with The Music Lotto aims at just that, and we are thrilled to be working with them.”


“Late night venues provide a main vein of opportunities for new music.  Through providing an inclusive platform for artists, and for people to come and experience the wide spectrum of music talent out there. These platforms are being suffocated because of the erosion of venues, the work we do with partners like The Music Lotto is critical to connect new diverse talent with night time spaces and ensure both our current and future generations won’t lose out.”


Adrian Norman, CEO The Music Lotto says:

“I’m thrilled for us to be working with the Night Time Industries Association in this partnership. They are a company I have admired for a while and together I think we can really make a difference to the independent music industry and give artists the support they need,” 

Together we aim to be a funnel of opportunities paving the way for the next generation of talent.

The Music Lotto will be announcing its first round of grant applications in the coming months, so follow their instagram to be the first to know @music_lotto. 


Notes to Editors:


The Music Lotto
The Music Lotto is one arm of The Independent Music Support CIC, a not-for-profit organisation set-up to support the independent music industry

Launched in the summer of 2022, the Music Lotto is a digital fundraising lottery. Tickets are £1 and 50% of all ticket sales are split between their grants programme for talent, to give artists financial support with anything they may need, as well as donated to their charity partners. Each ticket has a 1 in 50 chance to win a prize each week, with a top prize of £25,000. 

Tickets are bought through their website, with the lottery logistics managed by a licensed External Lottery Management Company. The Lottery is drawn every Saturday at 8pm and winners will be notified via email. Players also have the option to donate their winnings back into the fundraising pool.

Once The Music Lotto launches its grants programme, they’ll be giving away up to 7 prizes a month with a monetary value of up to £1000.

Since launch, with 3,800 tickets sold, one live event and one festival stage, the Music Lotto is organically gaining support with 0 marketing spend.

Their mission is to be a positive force for independent music artists.

Instagram: @music_lotto

Night Time Industries Association
The NTIA is a Trade Association and Membership Organisation that promotes the unique contribution of The Night Time Industry in the UK and internationally.

-Ensuring that the public discussion about the benefits to the UK – and internationally – of the Night-Time Industry is clearly understood across society.
-Championing the enormously successful entrepreneurs who make Britain one of the most exciting international destinations for tourists.
-Challenging the unfair treatment and attitudes currently being imposed upon the Night-Time Industry.

Our members are serious about working and living in the areas their establishments exist within. NTIA is committed to encouraging members to engage with the local community to ensure conversations and understanding.

-Communicating with decision-makers and helping to forge a “360-degree” approach whereby legislators, the police, local planning authorities, and residents are all part of the national and local discussion to help continually improve business, culture and creativity in Britain.

Instagram: @wearethentia