NTIA launch partnership with ‘Where You At’ (WYA), the new female-founded nightlife safety app which solves the problem of losing friends in busy venues. Combining the power of bluetooth technology and precise in-app mapping, the innovative app is currently being piloted across several venues in London and Nottingham. The industry launch event will take place on the 16th March 2023 at London venue, E1.

The Launch event will feature an art exhibition, a panel talk about safety in the nightlife industry with speakers from across the sector and an afterparty. The evening will also demonstrate how WYA’s innovative application of Bluetooth technology functions, allowing attendees to navigate around the venue via the app and locate themselves, friends, and various facilities. The app even works even when there is no internet connection or phone signal and if there is an incident, you can also ping your friends to alert them to come to your aid. 

The event will begin with an art exhibition ‘Nightlife’, curated in partnership with the art collective Loose Screws. Taking place from 2-9pm with 50 artworks on display, attendees will be able to precisely locate and read details about the artworks using the app, showcasing a novel function of the app at the intersection of art and tech.

 There will be a welcome speech at 7pm with Tamzin Lent (CEO & Founder) and Silvana Kill (NTIA), before a panel comprised of Darkwah, Gaby Cartwright (Live), Liam Cross (Night Tales), Ross Patel (Whole Management) and Sam Hennerly (Safer Dance) will discuss the vital steps the night-time industry needs to take to ensure revellers can focus on fun, without having to worry about safety. Here, emerging artists will explore what the theme ‘Nightlife’ means to them.

 The evening culminates with an after party, featuring sets by Tai Lokun, secretluvvr and Gee Lee. This is an opportunity to see the app tested in situ.

E1, Unit 2, 110 Pennington St, London E1W 2BB
16th March 2023 6 – 11PM
RSVP: https://www.universe.com/events/wya-launch-pop-up-tickets-6J315N

Speaking on WYA founder Tamzin says:
“You know that feeling when you’re out with friends, and suddenly you can’t find them? We’ve all been there. That’s where WYA comes in. Our app solves this problem using indoor mapping, so you can precisely locate your friends, seeing whether they’re by the bar or on the dancefloor. And the best part? It works without an internet connection or signal, making your nights out safer and more enjoyable.

“We are very excited to debut the WYA app at our launch event at E1. This is a proof of concept event, highlighting the innovative capabilities of the app to our community. We also want to thank our early adopters in London and Nottingham for helping us to build our product – which is on a mission to make nightlife easier, and safer, for everyone.“

Silvana Kill, Director for the NTIA says:
Following recent campaigns looking at the safety of the vulnerable people at night, the Night Time Industries Association has partnered with “Where You At” App which is a mobile app that allows individuals to find and message their friends, tracking their precise location in and around night time spaces.

An exceptional amount of work has been done within the sector, which is focused on creating safer environments for people to socialise within, and build public confidence. Under the Night Safe Champion programme, this initiative is one of many layers of safeguarding mechanisms which will prove to enhance communication between staff and customers if they are feeling vulnerable or concerned about their safety.

“As someone who has been involved in this sector for 25 years, I’ve seen first hand how quickly an individual can become intoxicated, disorientated or simply lost.  The moment you are on your own, you become vulnerable. The Where You At app is a great solution, for such circumstances, and its unique functionality means you can still use the app without a signal which makes its accessibility an even more valuable tool.”

“We continue to talk about the issues faced in our night time spaces. It’s time we start talking about what we are doing as an industry and the many initiatives like the Where You At app that are available out there that can help prevent and protect vulnerable people.”

“The challenges around safeguarding are many, and multi-faceted; bringing together partners with initiatives and solutions like the Where You At app, as a way of helping our customers feel safe, supported and empowered to enjoy a night out, without concerns”

“It is not just about bringing together solutions and service providers, it is about ensuring everything we do has a positive impact on the ground” 

“Every safeguarding initiative we work with, commits to measuring and monitoring its effectiveness, as part of their commitment to continuous improvement. And as part of the Night Safe Champion programme, we do this by asking our customers”

“The Where You At app, can not only be used to help and support, but could also be used to aid in reporting, and assist in investigations and might help to increase the chance of a successful prosecution”

“It is of vital importance that we all work together as a community to stamp out such crimes. We do this by driving away current normalised behaviours that vulnerable people currently have to face, empowering workforce to ensure they have the confidence to engage, help and support, and make sure our customers feel heard and feel safe.”

About WYA
WYA uses Bluetooth beacons to allow individuals to locate and message their friends within clubs (down to the cubicle) – even without a signal. The app is free for users, helping to make nights out easier to navigate.

Nights out are improved because friends can find each other easily – which has both social and safety advantages. Individuals can alert friends when they feel unsafe. This data can be passed on to venues, allowing them to make data-driven changes to their clubs. We believe that the time-stamped and precise location data could also better enable users to better report incidents.

The app is being created by a small team led by Tamzin Lent after experiences of sexual assault in nightclubs. Jamie Legg, the CTO, has said that ‘it is the first app to offer peer-to-peer safety (in contrast to teacher-student or parent-child), permitting friends to look out for one another’.  WYA is partnered with the Night Time Industry Association, and is currently being trialled in London at XOYO and E1, and in Rock City, Stealth, Rescue Rooms and The Level in Nottingham. Working with Nottingham Trent SU and Sheffield SU, they have an ambassador program looking for feedback for refining the app. Their initial progress was featured  by Time Out, The Guilty Feminist, Dazed, The Guardian and more, this vital app is set on making nightlife safer for all.