OFF Festival Katowice 2018: Presenting the Dr. Martens Stage

We previously announced that we had closed this year’s OFF Festival lineup, but then we teamed up with Dr. Martens to bring you one more festival stage. A bit more intimate and cozy than the others, the Dr. Martens stage will feature concerts by acclaimed Polish singer-songwriters and more.

Dr. Martens Stage schedule:

Friday, August 3

6:35 Runforrest
This Kraków–based folk singer-songwriter will charm you with his musicality and sensitivity. Grzegorz Wardęga has a debut EP to his name and a shining future ahead of him.

8:45 Peter J. Birch
Top-notch Polish Americana: a breathtaking, honest, enthralling story-hymns that echo with notes from across the pond (Neil Young, Bob Dylan) and Piotr’s own personality. To hear a sample for yourself, check out his fantastic album The Shore Up In the Sky.

22.55 Sonbird
At long last, a breath of fresh air in Polish indie rock. Catchy tunes, but with a personality of their own, as you’ll discover on their recently-released debut EP, simply titled Sonbird EP. And they’re just getting started.

Saturday, August 4

6:35 Graftmann
A singer, songwriter and guitarist known for his solo work and as a member of the band Miss Polski. Equal parts lyrical and cynical, Graftmann is a prime example of the European school of songwriting.

8:45 Legendarny Afrojax
Michał Hoffman — best known for work with the beloved and dearly-missed Afro Kolektyw — is more versatile and uncompromising as a solo artist. If being shoved in front of a distorting mirror is your idea of fun, make sure to check this out.

11:05 Iowa Super Soccer
Before Iowa Super Soccer come out with new material, we recommend you give Stories Without Happy Ending another listen. Luckily this stories does have a happy ending: after a several-year hiatus, Mysłowice’s ISS — one of the most noteworthy landmarks on the Silesian alternative music scene – is coming back.

Sunday, August 5

6:35 Daniel Spaleniak
With his amazing voice and charming compositions, Daniel Spaleniak is one of the most distinctive singer-songwriters on the Polish music scene. The enthusiastic critical reception of his new album, Life is Somewhere Else, should come as no surprise.

8:45 Henry No Hurry
Wawrzyniec Jan Dąbrowski (Letters From Silence, Henry David’s GUN) performing solo. Hypnotizing ballads sung in the voice of a guy who’s been around the block a few times. Get ready for folky narratives with a rock’n’roll bite.

10:55 Asia i Koty
Joanna Bielawska and company play simple songs about complex issues. Prepare to be hypnotized, moved, and even surprised. We hope they’ll surprise us soon with a follow-up to their excellent 2016 release, Sing.

But that’s not all we have in store for you! Feel the Dr. Martens spirit at our special pop-up gallery, and visit the Dr. Martens space to become the star of your very own 360° slow motion video, available for you to share on social media.

Dr. Martens has always been associated with music, and the history of music is filled with artists that followed their own paths in a pair of Docs. Their durability and comfort make them the perfect everyday footwear and an excellent choice for the demanding environments of concerts and music festival.

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Nikki McNeill | Global Publicity

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