is excited to announce that it will return to Amsterdam in 2022 as part of an official partnership with ADE that includes two Pro talks, a mentoring program and the official space at ADE in partnership with Zora and hosted at Lynk & Co’s flagship Amsterdam club. has been working with ADE since 2017 with a focus on programming around diversity and inclusion in the music industry. In 2019 she took our partnership to the next level and introduced she.grows at ADE – a mini-mentoring program that paired 10 senior-level members from the community with mentees selected by ADE University. The scheme included an open call, mentor/mentee matching & training, workshops, networking and a DJ showcase.

In 2022 are working even more closely together to bring back the mentoring program, curate talks as part of ADE Pro, and introduce a space as part of the ADE Lab track – hosted by Lynk & Co and in partnership with ZORA. The space at ADE 2022 hosted by Lynk & Co will feature a full day of programming on Friday October 21st, including activities related to the mentorship scheme, as well as public facing talks, networking and music.

“Our goal is to create an inclusive environment where our global community attending ADE can connect with one another and other industry professionals, in addition to learning. The program will reflect some of the most ardent topics from the world – including diversity & inclusion as well as more industry-facing discussions.” says founder Andreea Magdalina

Last but not least, the space will highlight initiatives and creatives curated from the community and provide promotional opportunities for showcasing talent. x ADE2022 Outline 1.

1.Official space at ADE hosted by Lynk & Co on Friday, October 21st. Please see overview here (still fleshing out the program). Official sponsor/partner: ZORA

2.we.grow mentoring program – 5 mentes focused on traditional electronic music areas, and 5 mentees focused on web3. Official sponsor/partner for the web3 track: ZORA

3.Two talks as part of ADE Pro:

Why communities are the future of the music industry. A roundtable hosted by Andreea Magdalina ( with Sam Schoonover (Coachella), and one more speaker TBD.

The music industry is constantly being reshaped by new technologies. Since the advent of the World Wide Web, power has slowly shifted away from gatekeepers and into the hands of creators, curators and the community overall. In spite of that, the internet as we know it has also led to a bottleneck of influence & commerce in the hands of a few tech companies and the people who lead them. At the same time, more and more communities started leveraging these digital tools to connect with one another, collectively organize and reclaim the music ecosystem. Today, web3 is promising to disrupt, decentralize and provide transparency once again. This discussion aims to disseminate these trends and look at case studies that hypothesize why communities are the future of the music industry.

Democratizing the future of the music business
An interview hosted by Christine Osazuwa ( with Michail Stangl (Zora) exploring the impact of web3 technologies on the music business as reflected by an excerpt from Zora’s manifesto: “We need new infrastructure, something transparent, ownable, accessible, financially sustainable, where we can share the value we create, something for the community, something that’s ours.”

About is a global community of women, gender minorities and allies in the music industry independently built in London by Andreea Magdalina in 2014. Guided by intersectionality, the community now comprises 15,000+ members around the world across 20+ chapters including New York, Los Angeles, France, Germany, Sweden and South Africa to name a few.’s mission is to connect and support underrepresented communities towards a more equitable music industry for all, one woman or gender non-conforming individual at a time. We produce content that educates and creates visibility on topics that are voted for by the community, host events that enable our members to network and create meaningful connections, and develop mentoring & other mentoring programs that provide industry access & opportunities. Some of the partners we have worked with include YouTube Music, TikTok, Universal Music Group, Boiler Room, Ninja Tune, Vans and more.

For more info contact NIkki McNeill | Global Publicity