Squid and Black Country, New Road heading this year’s first ETEP Charts

94 confirmed festival bookings for 2020 already

ESNS took place less than a month ago, but the ESNS talent exchange programme ETEP is already proving its worth. The exchange programme that focuses on offering European acts international opportunities has already resulted in 94 confirmed festival slots for 58 acts originating from 23 countries at 45 festivals.

ETEP Artist Chart

  1. Squid (gb), 6 shows
  2. Black Country, New Road (gb), 6 shows
  3. Georgia (gb), 5 shows
  4. Altin Gün (nl), 4 shows
  5. Meduza (it), 3 shows
  6. Marina Satti & Fonés (gr), 3 shows
  7. Muthoni Drummer Queen (ch), 2 shows
  8. Arlo Parks (gb), 2 shows
  9. Los Bitchos (gb), 2 shows
  10. Inhaler (ie) , 2 shows

ETEP By Country Chart

  1. Squid (gb), 6 shows
  2. Altin Gün (nl), 4 shows
  3. Meduza (it), 3 shows
  4. Marina Satti & Fonés (gr), 3 shows
  5. Muthoni Drummer Queen (ch), 2 shows
  6. Inhaler (ie), 2 shows
  7. Skynd, 2 shows
  8. Oklou (fr), 2 shows
  9. Alyona Alyona (ua), 2 shows
  10. Fvlcrvm (sk), 2 shows

Full Overview of ETEP shows:

Combining the ETEP data with airplay insights
At ESNS, we don’t just monitor the amount of confirmed ETEP shows for the acts, but go the extra mile. ESNS monitors the international airplay of all ESNS 2020 acts through the weekly ESNS charts. This way, we can further monitor and predict the international success of an act. ETEP top 10 acts: Squid (gb), Georgia (gb), Altin Gün (nl), Meduza (it) and Inhaler (ie) are currently mentioned in the top 50 of the ESNS chart.

Whilst Squid and Black Country, New Road are at the top of the charts with 6 shows, #3 Georgia reaches more international exposure so far when combining the ETEP data with the ESNS charts. Five of Georgia’s songs are currently featured in the ESNS chart.

About ETEP
ESNS’ talent exchange programme ETEP was introduced in 2003 to stimulate the exchange of European artists across Europe. Between 2003-2019 ETEP has facilitated 4.392 shows by 1609 acts in 38 countries at 130 festivals across the world. This would not be possible without the support of Creative Europe.

Many acts who received support from ETEP at the start of their careers have turned out to be very successful. Over the past 17 years, acts such as Agnes Obel, Ásgeir, Ben Howard, Benjamin Clementine, Calvin Harris, Franz Ferdinand, James Blake, MØ, Noisia, Selah Sue, The Editors, The Kooks, The XX, Within Temptation and Years & Years have greatly benefited from the support of the ETEP programme. More recently, acts such as Fontaines D.C., girl in red, Mavi Phoenix, Pip Blom, Idles, Shame, Alma, Aurora and Dua Lipa played some of their first international shows with the support of ETEP.

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