Swiss Focus at The Great Escape – Final Line Up Announced

The country maybe small, but it’s music scene is mighty with 9 acts ready to make their mark at The Great Escape as Switzerland takes centre stage as the focus country.  This is a music scene worth delving deeper into as some of the artists may just surprise you.   We hope you will enjoy discovering new music from Switzerland, please find all the venue information dates and times of all the acts performing below.

Swiss Events at The Great Escape

Thursday 18th May 2017: Speed Dating – 2.30pm – 4pm
Venue: The Dome

Thursday 18th May 2017: Delegate Reception hosted by Switzerland – early evening
Venue: MyHotel Bar
Meet Swiss delegates and music industry professionals and enjoy wine, beer and raclette.

Friday 19th May 2017: Swiss Business Mixer & Artist Showcase 12pm – 4pm
Venue: Komedia Studio
One Sentence. Superviser Friday 12:30pm
Baba Shrimps: Friday, 1:30pm
ME + MARIE: Friday 2:30pm
Odd Beholder:  Friday 3:30pm

Friday 19th May 2017: Swiss Festivals Drink Reception 5pm – 7pm
Venue: Sticky Mike’s Frog Bar
Meet the key players in the Swiss Festival market

Friday 19th May: m4music Festival Presents 7pm – 1am
Venue: Sticky Mike’s Frog Bar
Buvette: Friday 8:15pm
Baba Shrimps: Friday 9:15pm

Others Shows by Swiss Artists at The Great Escape

Thursday 18th May 2017
Hyperculte: Thursday 8:15pm Green Door Store
Odd Beholder: Thursday 9:15pm Patterns Upstairs
Sophie Hunger: Thursday, 9:30pm Sallis Benney Theatre
One Sentence. Supervisor: Thursday 10:30pm Sticky Mike’s Frog Bar
Zeal & Ardor: Thursday, 12am Patterns Downstairs

Friday 19th May 2017
Debrah Scarlett: Friday 12:30pm Marine Room – Harbour Hotel
One Sentence. Supervisor: Friday 12:30pm Komedia Studio
Zeal & Ardor: Friday 10:30pm Brighthelm Centre
Debrah Scarlett: Friday 12:30am Brighthelm Centre
ME + MARIE: Friday 1am Latest Music Bar

The Great Escape warm up events

If you can’t wait till TGE, Swiss artist Debrah Scarlett will perform at the TGE Presents event on Tuesday 25th April.  We hope you can join us to get a taster of some of the talent you can expect to see from Switzerland.

Tuesday 25 April 2017: TGE presents
Venue: Old Blue Last in Shoreditch – 38 Great Eastern St, London EC2A 3ES
With (amongst others) Debrah Scarlett with band

Thursday 27 April 2017: TGE Launch Party in London (Invite Only)
Venue: KAMIO in Shoreditch (1-3 Rivington St, London EC2A 3DT)
Free refreshments, guests will also be served with great music from Switzerland including a short live show of Debrah Scarlett (solo).

About the Swiss Artists

Find out more about all the Swiss artists performing at this years Great Escape below. If you’d like an interview or to attend any of the showcase events please let us know.

Baba Shrimps
Three musicians with their stunning and heartwarming interpretation of contemporary popmusic. Shortly before the release of their debut album NEON (2014) the band was discovered and signed worldwide by SONY Music. The album was a huge hit and quickly rose to prominence in the swiss charts. The band played gigs in over 200 clubs and festivals and Baba Shrimps supported „Kings of Leon“ and „Kodaline“ for several shows. Currently the trio is based in London finishing their upcoming album with producer David Kosten (e.g. Everything Everything, Bat for Lashes, Marina and the Diamonds). The album is scheduled for 2017.


Buvette bathes in vast urban landscapes, mingling with thousands of souls lost in their dreams and craving for a life elsewhere as he continues on his rhythmic journey under the influence(s). His music draws on the discoveries he makes during his solitary investigations. In his concrete jungle, people gather eagerly, packed tightly together, sweating and dancing to mesmerizing beats in genuine acts of godless religious communion. Buvette’s songs are doors that open onto the secret and the shared; onto the past and the present. They are the subtle, primarily rhythmic constructions of a drummer who deploys startling structures that suggest chromatic geometries in psychedelic forms. His lyrics conjure up a succession of portraits, landscapes and slices of life like infinitely elastic recurrent dreams. Buvette’s imagination connects reality and memories so closely that the border between them blurs. Burette wears his encounters like jewels and shares then with a vital energy.



Debrah Scarlett (CH/NO)
Debrah Scarlett is the 23-year-old Swiss born singer crafting an entire musical world from a sleepy Norwegian town. Taking the experience of a childhood spent traveling, Debrah makes the kind of life affirming pop music that speaks to the human condition – with all the memories, nightmares, dreams and stories that come with it.  “I think a lot of people get very confused when they ask where and when I’ve lived here and there. I’ve kind of been like a yo-yo, moving back and forth,” she says of a youth that saw her born in Switzerland in the summer of ’93, move to Norway at the turn of the millennium, back to Switzerland for her teenage years and back again to the town of Nittedal, Norway in 2014. Daughter to a Norwegian mother and a Swiss-Italian father, Debrah felt, as she puts it, “like an alien, different from those around me,” and although she spoke several languages from a young age, never seemed to perfect any of them. “Music became my language,” she says of the time. “It enabled me to truly express myself.”


Hyperculte is a minimalist transpop prekraut postdisco duo band.  Hyperculte was formed in 2014 in Geneva, Switzerland.Melancholic and nostalgic danse for a poetic trans. or the contrary. Hyperculte is continuously trying  to open hearts at all costs.


ME + MARIE: With their stunning combination of Indie Rock, Folk and Blues, ME + MARIE have gathered a dedicated following in Switzerland, Germany, Austria, and Italy. Their debut album One Eyed Lovereceived high praise from critics and fans alike, with many reviewers mentioning the unique sound of Maria deVal´s and Roland Scandella’s voices blended together to create an intense, dark and fascinating atmosphere.



Odd Beholder
Odd Beholder combine introvert song writing with an abstracted and yet almost restrained, stark sound. As exalted as an empty car park in early morning light. Whereas pop is the finish line, not the starting point. „We develop our songs out of the experiment into simplicity.” With the release of their debut EP „Lighting“, the secret hit „Landscape Escape“ and the corresponding video shot in Azerbaijan Daniela Weinmann and James Varghese have already created quite a stir and were featured on illustrious outlets like NOWNESS, i-D, ZEIT and Clash. After invitations to Reeperbahn, Great Escape and m4music Festival, touring as support act of Hundreds, Odd Beholder will release their new EP „Atlas“ in April on Sinnbus and Mouthwatering Records. Odd Beholder’s second EP „Atlas“ will be released in spring of 2017 as well as playing their first headline tour.


One Sentence. Supervisor
Formed in Baden (ch) in 2012, one sen- tence. supervisor recall the phantoms of the eighties with their catchy, misty krautpop, unencumbered by too many references. a universe that is hard to categorize, in which omnipresent syn- thetic sounds meet tense repetitive rhythms without ever becoming tedious. As for their obsessive melodies play- ing between shadow and light, they are tinged with psychedelic colours that unfold like some celestial stairway to- wards the imaginary.


Sophie Hunger
Sophie Hunger is a Swiss singer-songwriter who grew up in England, Switzerland and Germany, where she lives. She debuted in 2008 with the album Monday’s Ghost, which entered the Swiss Album Charts on ♯1 and sent her touring throughout Europe/U.S. Her debut album, the following records 1983 (2010) and The Danger of Light (2012) as well as her live performances were received with critical acclaim by the European press, e.g. The Guardian, The Sunday Times. In 2010 Hunger became the first Swiss artist to ever play at the Glastonbury Festival. She went on to win the Swiss Award and the Prix de la Création Musicale of France in 2012, and released a live album The Rules of Fire in 2015, which has since sold over 250’000 albums worldwide. In 2015 she released of her fourth studio album called SUPERMOON on Caroline Records. The album was recorded in Brussels and San Francisco and produced by Sophie Hunger in collaboration with John Vanderslice and mixed by Mark Lawson.



Zeal & Ardor
Summon the children, for tonight He rises…Emancipation. Damnation. Blasphemy. Ecstasy. Vengeance. Deliverance. Rebellion. Liberation. Consider this your invitation to the transcendent, transfiguring Satanic Spirituals of «Devil Is Fine». «Nothing released this year is as strange, inscrutable or wonderful than Zeal & Ardor’s «Devil Is Fine»» extols US Rolling Stone, hailing the debut album as «a dream world of infinite possibilities.» The creation of Swiss-American songwriter/soundscaper Manuel Gagneux, «Devil Is Fine» is an artistic artefact like no other, a meld of black metal, field recordings, Delta blues, jazz, ring shouts, music box melodies, glitchy hip-hop beats, soul and gospel, brought together in the service of The One With Horns. It is the most provocative, challenging, innovative and utterly individual album of the year, a recording which obliterates genre boundaries and creates a dark, diabolical universe all its own.


Presented by Swiss Music Export, Pro Helvetia, Fondation Suisa, Embassy of Switzerland, m4music

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