Building on its annual participation since being the focus country at ESNS in 2017, Why Portugal brings forth an outstanding lineup of new talent set to be discovered and celebrated at ESNS24.

Among this diverse roster are the young Eurovision sensation MARO, a Lisbon-based band Grand Sun bolstering youthful Portuguese rock’n’roll identity, the cosmopolitan trio Expresso Transatlantico weaving a rich tapestry of Portuguese musical diaspora, MMEA nominee and electronic musical innovator Ana Lua Caiano, and the supergroup Bateu Matou, renowned for their imaginative and unconventional performances. Together, these artists exemplify the depth and breadth of Portugal’s musical offerings at Europe’s largest new music showcase.

Since its inception in 2016, WHY Portugal, serving as the export office of the Portuguese music industry, has consistently played a pivotal role in global music promotion. Noteworthy campaigns include the Waves Vienna 2018 Portugal Focus, showcases at Reeperbahn Festival in Germany, Mercat de Música Viva de Vic (MMVV) in Spain, BIME in Columbia, FOCUS Wales in the UK and active participation in various other international events.

Join us at ESNS24 to witness the continued musical journey of Portugal, as Why Portugal proudly presents the nation’s vibrant and diverse musical landscape.

Expresso Transatlantico
Expresso Transatlantico, a Lisbon trio featuring Sebastião Varela, Rafael Matos, and Gaspar Varela, is a musical journey that beautifully intertwines Portuguese, African, and Brazilian influences. The Varela brothers, descendants of fado icon Celeste Rodrigues, infuse their music with a rich heritage, complemented by Rafael Matos’s percussive dynamism. Since the debut single release “Primeira Rodada” (2021), their multicultural sound has resonated beyond the vibrant streets of Lisbon. Conquering local audiences with their debut EP, the trio ventured onto the international stage, leaving a mark from WOMEX 22 to Colours of Ostrava. Expresso Transatlantico’s music captures the essence of Lisbon’s cosmopolitan life, with the Portuguese guitar as its main character, uniting diverse traditions in a unique blend that transcends borders.

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Fri ,19th Jan, 21:30-22:10 – MAAS (Main)

Ana Lua Caiano
ANA LUA CAIANO masterfully merges tradition and innovation, fusing Portuguese heritage with electronic elements in her musical compositions. With eight years of classical music training and a recently completed Jazz music course at Escola De Jazz Luiz Villas-Boas (Hot Club), Ana Lua is a versatile talent. Seamlessly blending sounds of the past with synthesizers, beat machines, and field recordings, Ana Lua’s music transcends traditional Portuguese melodies into the contemporary landscape. On tour with her debut album, she has played prestigious showcase festivals including WOMEX, BIME Bilbao, MIL Lisbon, FIRA B!, MUM, Live Europe, and Les Trans Musicales. Nominated for a Music Moves Europe Award, she is set to enthrall audiences at Eurosonic 24, solidifying her position as a rising star in the Portuguese music scene.

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Thurs, 18th Jan, 22:10-22:50 – Mutua Fides

Grand Sun
Grand Sun, a Lisbon-based band, emerged as a delightful collision of intention and catharsis, crafting urgent and electric shows infused with themes of existentialism and whimsy. Three years since their acclaimed record “Sal y Amore,” their highly anticipated 2024 release explores new sonic realms. Influenced by iconic British acts like Echo & the Bunnymen, Cocteau Twins, and modern trailblazers THUS LOVE and Shame, the band rides a post-punk wave. Their latest singles, “Something More” and “Conceptualize,” unveil a mature yet perennially youthful, punk-infused identity. Bringing gothic and dreamy elements into their rock’n’roll persona, Grand Sun showcases newfound maturity while maintaining an unwavering quest for that elusive “something more.”

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Thurs, 18th Jan, 19:30-20:10 – All Round

Bateu Matou
Bateu Matou, the ground-breaking supergroup comprising Ivo Costa, Quim Albergaria, and Riot, skilfully fuses drums and computers, transcending contemporary and roots influences. Their 2021 debut album, “CHEGOU,” achieved triumph with chart-toppers like “Cara Feia” and “Falam bué,” setting the stage for a highly anticipated 2024 album. Notable achievements include performances at major festivals, an innovative “IBIS Silent Concert” for the hearing-impaired, and a captivating Eurovision-qualifier TV appearance. At PREMIOS PLAY 2023, they collaborated with a gospel choir and a sign language group, leaving an indelible mark on the audience. Corporate engagements with VODAFONE Portugal (“United”) and BETCLIC (“FALAM BUÉ” campaign) underscore their versatile impact beyond music. Last year, the band created the official anthem “NÃO PÁRA” for Liga Portugal, resonating across stadiums in the first league throughout the season. Their recent single, “CARA FEIA,” involved an AI-filmed video and premiered on national television during the prime time show “Dancing with the Stars.” As anticipation builds for their January 2024 release, “Batedeira,” Batue Matou continues its trailblazing success.

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Weds -Thurs night 18th Jan, 00:50-01:30- Grand Theatre (Main)

Mariana Secca, aka MARO, is a multi-instrumentalist, songwriter and producer from Lisbon. A graduate of Berklee College of Music in Boston, she embarked on her musical journey in 2018 and has since crafted a diverse discography, including five albums and an EP. In 2022 MARO represented Portugal at Eurovision with her captivating entry ‘saudade, saudade.’ Her music, showcased in the 2022 album ‘can you see me?,’ draws inspiration from pop, trap, world, and folk genres, reflecting her versatile musical palette. In her latest record, ‘hortelã,’ MARO explores a more acoustic direction, adding another layer to her evolving and dynamic artistic expression. Her ability to seamlessly blend various musical influences contributes to the unique and compelling soundscape that defines MARO’s distinctive style.

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Fri, 19th Jan, 19:30-20:10 – Grand Theater (Main)

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