Fans of whipping electro music have ample reason to get excited: Dave Clarke’s electro club night ‘Whip It’ returns to Melkweg during Amsterdam Dance Event. The Englishman has cooked up yet another line-up that’s bound to make a few heads spin: UMEK as Zeta Reticula, Dopplereffekt (live), Anthony Rother, Dez Williams, Brutuzz and of course Clarke himself are all present on Saturday the 22nd of October in the Oude Zaal. 

The Baron of Techno can add another honorary title to his name and we’re going to go for ‘Duke of Electro’ or what have you. Hundreds of electro music fans danced their asses off last February in the Melkweg for Clarke’s first edition of ‘Whip It’ with respectable names such as Aux 88, DJ Stingray 313 and electro-sets from Sonic-Boom resident Brutuzz and the Baron himself. Clarke proved once again nobody captures the zeitgeist quite like him and with the tone set; it’s time for yet some new whipping.

And whipping there shall be with UMEK as Zeta Reticula, a live-performance of Dopplereffekt, Anthony Rother and Dez Williams. Take Slovenian dj and producer UMEK for instance who, like Clarke, is famous for being a techno dj – albeit a different kind of techno – and they both share an unequivocal love for electro. UMEK professes his love through alter ego Zeta Reticula, which is a nod to the star system Zeta Reticuli. His powerful electro tracks are indeed stellar thanks to terrific breakbeats and stabbing synths that’ll keep your toes off the floor.

Speaking of alter ego’s: is that Gerald Donald of Drexciya as half of live-act Dopplereffekt? It sure is. Ever since James Stinson past away, Donald has been making a name for himself solo as Arpanet and Der Zyklus, and with To Nhan Le Thi as the enigmatic Dopplereffekt. The duo is seldomly interviewed and prefers to let the music speak for itself. And there’s nothing wrong with that: the German name for the act is no coincidence as they take the sound of Kraftwerk as starting point and give a whole new meaning to it. ‘Scientist’ and ‘Pornoactress’ are bona fide underground hits in their own right. To see the two work those synthesizers live, is a joy to behold.

It was only a matter of time before Clarke would book Anthony Rother for Whip It. The German is rightfully credited as one of the first electro revivalists at the turn of the century. With gems such as ‘Sex With The Machines’, ‘Hacker’ and ‘Simulationszeitalter’, Rother knows exactly what makes electro tick: the ubiquitous Roland 808, vocoder heaven and futuristic lyrics. It’s the sort of style that’s right up the alley of Welshman Dez Williams who impressed many electro aficionados with his debut LP ‘Elektronic Religion’ and continues to do so with recent releases on many respected labels including Bass Agenda. You like your electro with some heavy funk and techno on the side? Williams is your man.

And of course, no Whip It would be complete without electro-sets from Dave Clarke himself and Sonic Boom-resident Brutuzz. Both will impress you with known and lesser known electro tracks from their tremendous catalogs.

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Nikki McNeill | Global Publicity