Fabio Florido drops Escape EP on Pig & Dan’s Elevate

For its next release, Pig&Dan’s Elevate label signs up a first EP from assured Italian artist Fabio Florido. It features four fresh cuts that all continue to prove this label is setting its own stylish techno agenda.

Berlin based Florido has a small but perfectly formed discography that takes in great labels like Black Swan and Night Light, as well as Richie Hawtin’s mighty M_nus. He has an upbeat but shadowy sound that has seen him step up as a resident for ENTER at Space Ibiza as well as perform at festivals like Awakenings. As such he is part of the techno new breed who marries analog and digital techniques into great new forms.

The vast and cavernous ‘Escape’ opens things up with big dark techno chambers that suck you right in as drum fills and distant thunder keep you on your toes. It’s a patient and elegant cut that has real force in its drums. The excellent ‘Electric Scoop’ is more eerie, with spooky little synth lines and loopy drums making for a deep and paranoid cult that skilfully removes you from the real world.

‘Outrush’ is another standout production with exquisitely detailed sound design and a tripped out groove that works on both your head and heel. Watery droplets, distant drones and malfunctioning machine sounds all feature along the way. Finally, this expertly insular techno experience wraps up with ‘TK01’. Operating in deepest darkest space, sci-fi sounds, icy hi hats and smooth drum programming all add up to a playful but heady ride that proves Florido can do melody as well as mood and groove.

This is a varied and vital statement from this ever essential artist and the always on point Elevate label.

Artist: Fabio Florido
Catalog: VA53

01: Escape
02: Electric Scoop
03: TK01
04: Outrush

Release date (digital-only): 21 October, 2016

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