Len Faki’s Hidden Objects EP is released today. In ‘Figured Out By’, Faki shares some facts about the approach he made with his remixes on Figure number 74.

“As the name reveals, these remixes were hidden tracks, which weren’t meant to be released in the first place. They are result of spontaneus jams with the elements that I found appealing. I was inspired by the original versions and had great fun tweaking around with the parts, following the idea and visions of these tracks i had in mind.

Slam’s Cirklon Bells was the first of the three remixes I finished. I intented to give a contrastful atmosphere to the track by combining the warm melancholic vibe of the pads/synths with a more raw arranged beat structure unalike the ordinary 4/4 kickdrum.

With Scuba’s Black in Black it was kind of similar. The ‘Goes White’ Remix of this EP came into life shortly after I finished the ‘Goes Black’ remix, which came out on Hotflush mid 2015. It has a lighter vibe and a bouncy bassline compared to the straightness of the darker counterpart.

Third one came about after Philippe Petit sent me his beatless track ‘Suspended’, which we released as B2 on SPC W, August 2015. I instantly fell in love with the beautiful arpeggio he used there.

The three originals already carried a certain deepness inside them, which got me. I carved that out with my very own tools not aiming for a specific functional track.

I imagine I will follow this path more often, since I’m quite happy with developing an additional side of mine.”

Release Date: 08.02.2016
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A1. Philippe Petit – Suspended (Len Faki Remix)
A2. Slam – Cirklon Bells (Len Faki Remix)
B1. Scuba – black on black (Len Faki goes white remix)

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