The final line up for the award winning OFF Festival plus the day-by-day program.

Famed for booking an unparalleled programme of rock, indie, black metal, neo-folk and drone bands – OFF is the best place for alternative music lovers and this year features opening parties with ATP and the Experimental Stage curated by legendary label Subpop. 

In response to numerous requests, we’ve decided to launch a new stage at the OFF Festival! Starting at 8 pm every day, outstanding DJs will be spinning records for you at the MasterCard Zone. Friday night belongs to the Horse Meat Disco Collective; on Saturday the honors go to house master Fort Romeau, with Jonathan Toubin taking over on Sunday.

Horse Meat Disco
According to the club music website Resident Advisor, London has this quartet to thank for its recent disco renaissance. Jim Stanton, James Hillard, Luke Howard, and Severino make up a collective whose inspirations come from the genre’s golden era as well as from contemporary productions. Whether they’re spinning African funk, sentimental Italo, or Belle Epoque-style French pop, this British group always makes light, dancey, and tasteful. It’s no surprise that they’ve become a permanent feature at fashion parties. We’re sure they’ll lend us a bit of flair, too.

Fort Romeau
This deep house is shiny, elegant, and warm. It can really get you moving, though compositions this airy are also pretty relaxing. Mike Greene, the man behind the name Fort Romeau, deftly borrows sounds from the glory days of Chicago house, emphasizing its extraordinary sensuality, a skill he no doubt picked up during his stint as a keyboard player for La Roux. No wonder this English producer has quickly built himself a reputation among club music labels – his records have been released by the likes of 100% Silk and Ghostly International.

Jonathan Toubin
This man’s collection of 45s is a veritable encyclopedia of American pop-culture. The New York Times rightfully noted that few other DJs are as appreciative of American pop history. The man behind legendary parties such as New York Night Train, Dance-Off, and Sound Clap started off in rock and punk-rock. When he moved on to DJing, he collaborated with such bands as Sonic Youth and Butthole Surfers, before expanding into the realm of soul, r’n’b, and 50s and 60s rock’n’roll, and falling down the rabbit hole – along with thongs of followers. Village Voice critis raved that by going so far back in time, Toubin had revolutionized the New York party scene. Time has proved them wrong: New York City is just too small for Toubin.

As every year we are recommend you to invest some time in exploring a strong and colourful Polish scene. This year’s representation at OFF Festival will take you from jazz to electronic music, from children’s songs to black metal.

Firstly, you should check the music created by the person responsible for the artistic shape of the festival. Just a few months after the release of his debut solo album, our artistic director – Artur Rojek will be performing at the OFF Festival. Composed with the help of Bartosz Dziedzic the tracks are further proof of this musician’s broad artistic horizons. Składam się z ciągłych powtórzeń is a collection of personal songs that echo the complex indie rock arrangements of Arcade Fire along with the electronic trips you’d expect from Thom Yorke.

There will be an interesting Western element to one of the performances by the Warsaw-based band. As you might remember a few years ago Beck Hansen rediscovered a format that brought music to thousands of homes but is now all but forgotten. Decades ago, sheet music could become a true bestseller. These musings led to the release of the “album” titled Song Reader, published exclusively in paper form. Song Reader must be performed in order to be heard. Warszawska Orkiestra Rozrywkowa — a diverse collective with a rotating lineup of vocalists — has accepted the challenge. The sounds of the vibraphone, lap steel guitar, pastel-sounding keyboards, and many other instruments will introduce you to a Beck album you’ve probably never heard.

If you’re looking for something radical you must follow Thaw. Even though it’s unclear who they are or what they look like. Their faces are obscured by hoods on promotional photos and at live shows, and the musicians don’t even reveal their first and last names. But none of that actually matters, because Thaw’s music stands on its own — both on the their record, released by Avantgarde Music, and at their live shows, where the influence of black metal, industrial, ambient, and Sunn O)))-inspired drones converges into one massive wall of sound that will carry away even the heaviest fans of good and different music.

In order to navigate confidently through all the OFF Festival’s scenes have a look at the detailed line-up below.

ATP@OFF 31st of July 2014 (Thursday)

Hipnoza Jazz Club, ul. Plac Sejmu Śląskiego 2
20.30-21.00 Adam Repucha
21.30-22.30 Amen Dunes
23.00-00.00 Dean Wareham

Kino Rialto, ul. Świętego Jana 24
18.30-19.00 Normal Echo
19.30-20.30 Dirty Beaches
21.00-22.00 Tuxedomoon

Kościół (Parafia Ewangelicko-Augsburska) ul. Warszawska 18
22.30-23.00 Eugeniusz Rudnik
23.30-00.30 Earth Kato ul. Mariacka 13
19.00-20.00 Artur Rojek (OFF Festival Katowice)
20.15-21.15 Barry Hogan (ATP)
21.30-22.30 Fra Soler (Primavera Sound)

1st of August 2014 (Friday

mBank Stage 15:00-15:30 Admiration Is For Poets 16:10-16:55 The Dumplings 17:50-18:40 Los Compesinos! 19:40-20:40 Kobiety grają “Kobiety” 21:50-23:00 Orchestra De Poly Rythmo De Cotonou 00:10-01:30 Neutral Milk Hotel

Forest Stage 15:35-16:05 Anthony Chorale 17:00-17:45 Cerebral Ballzy 18:45-19:35 Inkwizycja 20:45-21:45 The Black Lips 23:05-00:05 Michael Rother performs the music of NEU! And Harmonia 01:35-02:35 Holden Live

Trojka Stage 15:00-15:30 Bulbwires 16:10-16:55 Lee Bains III 17:50-18:40 Tribute To Jerzy Milian 19:40-20:40 Perfume Genius 21:50-23:00 Oranssi Pazuzu 00:10-01:10 John Wizards 02:35-03:45 L.I.E.S. Showcase: Jahiliya Fields

Experimental Stage (dedicated to SUB POP) 15:35-16:05 Wild Books 17:00-17:45 Kaseciarz 18:45-19:35 Lyla Foy 20:45-21:45 clipping. 23:05-00:05 Protomartyr 01:35-02:35 Wolf Eyes 03:00-04:15 Rose Windows

MasterCard Zone 20:00-01:00 Horse Meat Disco

2nd August of 2014 (Saturday)
mBank Stage 15:00-15:30 Neon Romance 16:10-16:55 Pictorial Candi 17:50-18:40 Zeus 19:40-20:40 Deafheaven 21:50-23:00 The Notwist 00:10-01:30 The Jesus And Mary Chain

Forest Stage 15:35-16:05 L.A.S. 17:00-17:45 Xenia Rubinos 18:45-19:35 Variete 20:45-21:45 Chelsea Wolfe 23:05-00:05 Noon 01:35-02:35 Pional

Trojka Stage 15:00-15:30 Bobby The Unicorn 16:10-16:55 Jerzy Igor 17:50-18:40 Hookworms 19:40-20:40 Mister D 21:50-23:00 Bo Ningen 00:10-01:10 Le1f 02:35-03:45 L.I.E.S. Showcase: Ron Morelli

Experimental stage (Oskar Kolberg Tribute) 15:35-16:05 Same Suki 17:00-17:45 Kapela Brodów 18:45-19:35 Dakhabrakha 20:45-21:45 Frank Fairfield 23:05-00:05 Jerusalem in my heart 01:35-02:35 Karpaty Magiczne 03:00-04:15 Mark Ernestus and Jeri Jeri

MasterCard Zone 20:00-01:00 Fort Romeau

3rd of August 2014 (Sunday)
mBank Stage 15:00-15:30 Die Flöte 16:10-16:55 Thaw 17:50-18:40 Jonathan Wilson 19:40-20:40 Warszawska Orkierstra Rozrywkowa gra “Song reader” Becka 21:45-22:55 Slowdive 00:15-01:30 Belle And Sebastian

Forest Stage 15:35-16:05 Ebola Ape + Bools 17:00-17:45 Perfect Pussy 18:45-19:35 Król 20:45-21:45 Andrew WK 23:00-00:10 Fuck Buttons 01:35-02:35 The Range

Trójka Stage 15:00-15:30 Patric The Pan 16:10-16:55 Eric Shoves Them In His Pockets 17:50-18:40 Merkabah 19:40-20:40 Artur Rojek 21:50-23:00 Gary Wilson And The Blind Dates 00:10-01:10 65daysofstatic 02:35-03:45 L.I.E.S. Showcase: Svengalisghost

Experimental Stage (curated by Glenn Branca) 15:35-16:05 Hatti Vatti 17:00-17:45 Stefan Wesołowski 18:45-19:35 Evan Zaporyn 20:45-21:45 Nissenemondai 23:05-00:05 Glenn Branca 01:35-02:35 The Paranoid Critical Revolution 03:00-04:15 Etienne Jaumet

MasterCard Zone 20:00-01:00 Jonathan Toubin

Nikki McNeill at Global Publciity