New record of festival bookings for ETEP – Shame, Her, Alma and Rejjie Snow top the chart

In its 15th year, ESNS’s European Talent Exchange Programma (ETEP) has for the third time in a row managed to generate a record number of bookings for upcoming music talent on European festivals. With a total of 411 shows (and counting) by 162 acts in over 30 countries, ETEP ensures the circulation of fresh, bright, young talent across the continent.

We are more than delighted that over 100 festivals are giving these European acts a stage to perform to new audiences from the small and intimate such as Haldern Pop, talent-driven The Great Escape and the major and award winning festivals such as Rock am Ring and Roskilde.


This year’s top performing acts are:

Shame, BG – 17
Her, FR – 8
Rejjie Snow, IE – 8
Alma, FI – 8
Thomas Azier, NL – 7
J, Bernardt, BE – 7
Tommy Cash, EE – 6
Fil Bo Riva, IT/DE – 6
Faber, CH – 6
Roosevelt, DE – 6

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ETEP Charts
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Nikki McNeill | Global Publicity

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