OFF Festival 2012: Final Line Up, Program Schedule and Win a Gig at OFF!

OFF Festival 2012: Final Line Up, Program Schedule and Win a Gig at OFF!

OFF Festival lives up to its name as Europe’s ‘Best Medium Sized Festival’ with some of the best new and cutting edge artists set to play at this years edition.

Taking place in the beautiful green oasis of the ‘Three Lake Valley’ in Katowice from 3rd to 5th August, OFF Festival remains a way of life, one that flies in the face of current trends and with an ethos aimed at supporting art and music with the festival bringing many acts to Poland for the first time.  With something different and less mainstream on offer, OFF should be on the ‘to do list’ for any discerning festival goer.

New Additions

With a host of eclectic artists already announced, the final acts to be confirmed for this year’s line up include Mazzy Star and Chromatics who will hypnotize you, while Dam-Funk will wake you up and get you moving. Artists Daughn Gibson, The Band Of Endless Noise, Hanimal, Obscure Sphinx and The Stubs will bring a futuristic country, a post-metal steamroller, and relentless punk’n’roll to OFF and the post-punk Savages and the noisy act known as The Twilight Sad are the latest additions to this year’s Radio 3 Stage lineup.

Win a gig at OFF

We would also like to remind debuting artists that they still have a chance to perform at the OFF Festival. Visit the T-Mobile Music website, register as an artist, upload your track, and enter the competition. Entries will be accepted until June 24. From June 25 to July 5, an online poll will be held to decide which of the 20 shortlisted artists will audition at Klub Chwila in Warsaw on July 11, where judges will select three winners to perform at the festival. For more details about the contest, visit

Line up
Africa HiTech, AfroKolektyw, Akron/Family, Alva Noto, annb: alva noto & blixa bargeld, Andy Scott, Apteka, Atari Teenage Riot, Bardo Pond, Baroness, Battles, Baxter Dury, Beneficjenci Splendoru, Charles Bradley and His Extraordinaires, Chromatics, Chrome Hoof – “Hydrozagadka”, Coldair, Colin Stetson, Connan Mockasin, Container, Converge, Cool Kids of Death, Dam FunK, Daughn Gibson, Death in Vegas, Demdike Stare, Dominique Young Unique, DOOM, Fanfarlo, Fennesz & Lillevan, Forest Swords, Group Doueh, Hanimal, Henry Rollins, High Places, Iceage, Iggy and The Stooges, Jacaszek, Josh T. Pearson, Kanal Audytywny, Kiera Is You, Kim Gordon & Ikue Mori, King Creosote & Jon Hopkins, kIRk, Kobiety, Kobiety, Kuedo, Kurt Vile and the Violators, Laureat konkursu Zrob Glosniej! na OFF Festivalu, Levity, Lona & Webber, Matthew Herbert, Mazzy Star, Megafaun, Metronomy, Mikolaj Trzaska gra ‘Roze’, Minerals, Mordy, Napszyklat, Nerwowe Wakacje, Nils Frahm, Nosowska, Obscure Sphinx, Other Lives, Papa M, Paula and Karol, Pietnastka, Pissed Jeans, Profesjonalizm, Purity Ring, Retro Stefson, Savages, Shabazz Palaces, Shangaan Electro, Sleep Party People, Snowman, Spectrum, Stephen Malkmus and the Jicks, Swans, The Antlers, The Band of Endless Noise, The House of Love, The Shipyard, The Stubs, The Twilight Sad, The Wedding Present – “Seamonsters”, Thurston Moore, Tides from Nebula & Blinded, Ty Segall.

Detailed Festival Schedule:

2.08.2012 – Thursday
CKK: Matthew Hebert + Alva Noto – 18:00

Hipnoza: Sleep Party People + Nils Frahm – 22:00

3.08.2012 – Friday
mBank Stage
15:00- 15:30 The Band Of Endless Noise
16:10- 16:55 Snowman
17:50- 18:40 Converge
19:40- 20:40 Nosowska
22:00- 23:00 Charles Bradley
00:10- 01:10 Metronomy

T-Mobile Forest Stage
15:35- 16:05 Winner of the OFF Festival’s Turn It Up! Contest
17:00- 17:50 Profesjonalizm
18:45- 19:35 Kurt Vile & The Violators
20:45- 21:45 Death In Vegas
23:05- 00:05 Mazzy Star
01:15- 02:30 Atari Teenage Riot

Radio 3 Stage
15:00- 15:30 Paula i Karol
16:10- 16:55 Nerwowe Wakacje
17:50- 18:40 Savages
19:40- 20:40 King Creosote and Jon Hopkins
22:00- 23:00 Chromatics
00:10- 01:10 Bardo Pond
02:30- 03:30 Andy Stott

Experimental Stage (curated by The Queitus)
14:30- 15:00 Obscure Sphinx
15:35- 16:05 Kirk
17:00- 17:50 Colin Stetson
18:45- 19:35 Demdike Stare
20:45- 21:45 Alva Noto + Blixa Bargeld
23:00- 00:00 Josh T.Pearson
01:10- 02:10 Shabazz Palaces
03:00- 04:00 Container

04.08.2012- Saturday
mBank Stage
14:00- 14:30 Hanimal
15:00- 15:30 The Stubs
16:10- 16:55 Kobiety
17:50- 18:40 APTEKA
19:40- 20:40 Baroness
22:00- 23:00 Thurston Moore
00:10- 01:10 Iggy And The Stooges

T-Mobile Forest Stage
14:30- 15:00 Winner of the OFF Festival’s Turn It Up! Contest
15:35- 16:05 Kristen
17:00- 17:50 Tides From Nebula & Blindead
18:45- 19:35 Other Lives
20:45- 21:45 The Wedding Present “Seamonsters”
23:05- 00:05 The Antlers
01:15- 02:30 DOOM

Radio 3 Stage
15:00- 15:30 Beneficjenci Splendoru
16:10- 16:55 Cool Kids Of Death
17:50- 18:40 Retro Stefson
19:40- 20:40 House Of Love
22:00- 23:00 Iceage
00:10- 01:10 Megafaun
02:30- 03:30 High Places

Experimental Stage (curated by Jonathan Poneman)
14:30- 15:00 Coldair
15:35- 16:05 Napszykłat
17:00- 17:50 Daughn Gibson
18:45- 19:35 Pissed Jeans
20:45- 21:45 M.Trzaska gra”Róźę”
23:00- 00:00 Shangaan Electro
01:10- 02:10 Spectrum
03:00- 04:00 KUEDO

05.08.2012 – Sunday
mBank Stage
14:00- 14:30 Keira Is You
15:00- 15:30 The Shipyard
16:10- 16:55 Łona & Webber
17:50- 18:40 Baxter Dury
19:40- 20:40 Kanał Audytywny
22:00- 23:00 Battles
00:05- 01:25 Swans

T-Mobile Forest Stage
14:30- 15:00 Winner of the OFF Festival’s Turn It Up! Contest
15:35- 16:05 Levity
17:00- 17:50 Fanfarlo
18:45- 19:40 Group Doueh
20:45- 21:45 DamFunk
23:05- 00:05 Stephen Malkmus And The Jicks
01:30- 02:45 Chrome Hoof plays Hydrozagadka

Radio 3 Stage
15:00- 15:30 Minerals
16:10- 16:55 Afro Kolektyw
17:50- 18:40 Ty Segall
19:40- 20:40 Twilight Sad
22:00- 23:00 Connan Mockasin
00:10- 01:10 Dominique Young Unique
02:45- 03:45 Africa Hitech

Experimental Stage (curated by Fennesz)
14:30- 15:00 Piętnastka
15:35- 16:05 Mordy
17:00- 17:45 Jacaszek
18:45- 19:35 Papa M
20:45- 21:45 Ikue Mori & Kim Gordon
23:00- 00:00 Henry Rollins
01:25- 02:25 Fennesz & Lillevan
03:00- 04:00 Forest Swords

Tickets and passes are now on sale at the OFF Festival website and via See tickets (UK).

OFF Before Party Ticket: SOLD OUT!

OFF 3-Day Festival Pass with or without Campground Access: 60 / 70 EUROS — provides access to all three days of the festival at Dolina Trzech Stawów, 3rd to 5th August.

About OFF Festival:
OFF Festival Katowice: an alternative music festival, now in its seventh year. The artistic director of the festival is Artur Rojek. Held at the “Słupna” water park in Mysłowice in its first years, the event has been organized in Katowice since 2010.  OFF Festival has won numerous distinctions in Poland and abroad. It was recently given the prestigious European Festival Award for Best Medium-Sized European Festival in 2011. “We consider this award to be a token of appreciation for all our work up to this point, but also a challenge for us to make sure future editions live up this distinction,” say the festival organisers.


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