OFF Festival Katowice 2017 Down to the Hour: Presenting a Detailed Program

Who, when, where? We’re announcing a detailed schedule for the most magnificent weekend in August. One-day tickets are also now on sale, but with a program this rich and diverse, how do pick just one day?

From visionaries to madmen, punk rock prophets to electronic shamans, distorted guitars to toned-down acoustic sounds: the OFF Festival’s four stages will host an extraordinary, uncompromising and eye-opening selection of music from all corners of the globe and every genre imaginable from August 4 to 6. You’ll be hard pressed to hear it all and take it all in, even just a for a moment, but at least today’s detailed schedule will let you make the most of this intense weekend.

If you can’t be with us from Friday to Sunday (or, to be precise, the early hours of Monday morning), you can now purchase a ticket for a single day of the festival for 160 PLN (38 euro). One-day tickets will also be available at the gate for 170 PLN. Three-day passes for the entire festival are still on sale. Buy tickets here:

Friday, August 4

Main Stage

3:00–3:30: The Fruitcakes
4:10–4:50: Bitamina
5:40–6:30: Ulrika Spacek
7:40–8:40: Trupa Trupa
9:50–10:50: Shellac
12:00–1:20: Feist

Forest Stage

3:35–4:05: Guiding Lights
4:55–5:35: Shame
6:35–7:35: The Men
8:45–9:45: Łoskot
10:55–11:55: Beak>
1:25–3:00: The Black Madonna

Trójka Stage

3:00–3:30: Salk
4:10–4:50: C Duncan
5:40–6:30: Spoiwo
7:40–8:40: IDLES
9:50–10:50: Helado Negro
12:00–01:20: Batushka

Experimental Stage — Curated by Michael Gira / Mouth to Mouth

3:35–4:05: Mir + Ter
4:55–5:35: Rafael Rogiński solo
6:35–7:35: Carla Bozulich
8:45–9:45: Michael Gira
10:55–11:55: Hexa plays the soundtrack to David Lynch’s Factory Photographs
1:25–3:00: Anna von Hausswolff

Saturday, August 5

Main Stage

3:00–3:30: Duży Jack
4:10–4:50: Ralph Kaminski
5:40–6:30: Sheer Mag
7:40–8:55: PJ Harvey
10:05–11:05: Mitch & Mitch
12:15–1:30: Talib Kweli Live

Forest Stage

3:35–4:05: Bluszcz
4:55–5:35: Siksa
6:35–7:35: Anna Meredith
9:00–10:00: Wolves in the Throne Room
11:10–12:10: Jessy Lanza
1:20–3:00: Kornél Kovács

Trójka Stage

3:00–3:30: Wilcze Jagody
4:10–4:50: Kikagaku Moyo
5:40–6:30: Ryley Walker
7:40–8:40: Silver Apples
10:05–11:05: Royal Trux
12:15–1:15: Kwadrofonik and Artur Rojek play David Lynch’s Industrial Symphony No. 1

Experimental Stage – World Music Day

3:35–4:05: Frele
4:55–5:35: Richard Dawson
6:35–7:35: Noura Mint Seymali
9:00–10:00: Żywizna
11:10–12:10: Janka Nabay & The Bubu Gang
1:20–2:20: Phurpa

Sunday, August 6

Main Stage

3:00–3:30: New People
4:10–4:50: Bastard Disco
5:45–6:45: Idris Ackamoor & The Pyramids
7:55–8:55: Boris plays “Pink”
10:05–11:05: Conor Oberst
12:15–02:50: Swans

Forest Stage

3:35–4:05: Kobieta z wydm
4:55–5:40: Circuit des Yeux
6:50–7:50: Made in Poland plays Martwy kabaret
9:00–10:00: Thee Oh Sees
11:10–12:10: Pro8l3m

Trójka Stage

3:00–3:30: Mateusz Franczak
4:10–4:50: L.Stadt
5:45–6:45: Frankie Cosmos
7:55–8:55: Preoccupations
10:05–11:05: Arab Strap
12:15–1:15: Oliver Coates
1:55–2:55: Moor Mother

Experimental Stage

3:35–4:05: Lor
4:55–5:40: Group A
6:50–7:50: Mapa
9:00–10:00: Wrekmeister Harmonies
11:10–12:10: This Is Not This Heat

About OFF
A truly unique boutique music festival, OFF Festival takes place in ‘Three Lake Valley’, Katowice – a beautiful green oasis in the heart of industrial Silesia. OFF Festival is a way of life, one that flies in the face of current trends and stays true to itself, and the ethos of organiser Artur Rojek is firmly aimed at supporting art and music with the festival bringing many acts to Poland for the first time. OFF Festival is growing in prominence year on year driven by the festivals forward–thinking, eclectic music policy. From the greatest alternative music stars from around the world to the increasingly strong Polish scene, OFF festival has inspiring music in abundance.

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