Prepare for the ultimate celebration of the global night time economy as we proudly unveil the Night Time Economy Summit 2024! This electrifying event is poised to be the pinnacle gathering of night time economy maestros across the globe and is scheduled to rock the vibrant city of Manchester on Thursday, February 8th, and Friday, February 9th, 2024.

Set against the stunning backdrop of Escape from Freight Island, the Night Time Economy Summit 2024 is not just an event; it’s a pulsating showcase of the world’s leading nightlife experts. From the bustling streets of Tokyo to the down-under beats of Australia, the neon-lit avenues of New York, and the eclectic vibes of Europe, this summit will see luminaries converging for an unprecedented exchange of ideas and innovation.

Confirmed representation from the following Countries:
Japan – Australia – United States – France – England – Belgium – Italy – Scotland – Northern Ireland – Wales – Republic of Ireland – Germany – Netherlands – Portugal – Canada – Spain – Mexico – Colombia

First 100 Speakers Confirmed:
Andy Burnham – Gok Wan – Miles Shackleton – Katouche – Andy Street – Maria May – Wez Saunders – Chris Goss – Mirik Milan – Carly Heath – Tak Umuzawa – Philip Kolvin KC – Sacha Lord – Ella McWilliams – Duncan King – Michael Kill – Lutz Leichsenring – Suzanne Bull MBE – Deborah Hewitt – Michelle Russell – Silvana Kill – Greg Marshall – Yuri Dockter – Ashley Howard – Dick Leijing – Nick Morgan – Mikey Dread – Carl Loben – Alistair Turnham – Nikki McNeill – Jeff Smith MP – Sam Tarry MP – Luke Fletcher MS – Pauline McNeill MSP – Mike Grieve – Jenn Nimmo Smith – Grace Flynn – Robert Shepherd – Biff Mitchell – Sarah Clover – Leo Charambalides – Dan Davies – Kate Nicholls – Emma McLarkin – Ojay Mcdonald – Claire O’Neill – Robert Richardson – Mark Davyd – Julie Tippins – Jon Drape – Katy Porter – Professor Fiona Measham – Sunil Sharpe – Holly Lester – Ben Newby – Keith Reilly – Tony Hogan – Figen Murray – Jordan Ford – Alex Claridge – Lawrence Barton – Satia Rae – Lisa Baskott – Lisa Lashes – Jo Dipple – Eric Stuart – Steven Braines – Salma Repa – Alex Brandon – Finlay Johnson – Serg Bienati – John Robb – Graeme Park – Lonelady – Afrodeutsche – Children of Zeus – Graeme Park – Danny Howard – Yousef – Jess Bays – Rob Masterson – Sarah Crane – Ras Kwame – Don Letts – Griff Harding – Sophia Wardman – Mark Lawrence – Rob Adamson – Luis Manuel Garcia-Mispireta – Robbe Van Bogart – Cristiana Vale Pires – Crista Belle – Aoife Mcguinness – Andreas Sejas – Kenneth Bailey – Jeordie Shenton – Ather Al Salim.

Michael Kill, the dynamic CEO of the Night Time Industries Association, exclaims, “The Night Time Economy Summit 2024 is the crescendo of global collaboration, uniting minds from every corner of the night time universe. Manchester is about to become the epicentre of a revolutionary exchange of ideas that will shape the future of our industry.”

Andy Burnham, Mayor of Greater Manchester:
“We are delighted that the NTIA’s Night-Time Economy Summit will be coming to Greater Manchester in February 2024. We look forward to building on the success of this year’s event in London, and recognising the hard work and amazing representation that the trade association delivered throughout the pandemic for the hospitality and night time economy sector across the UK.”

Sacha Lord Night Time Economy Adviser, Co-founder The Warehouse Project/ Parklife:
“Throughout the Covid period, the NTIA became the biggest voice for nightlife across the UK, so much so, it was an honour when I was invited to become Chair. I’m delighted they have decided to uproot and choose Greater Manchester for the next Summit, in 2024. It will be the biggest to date, in a city region where it has been said, tables were made for dancing on.”

Brace yourselves for an immersive experience across four riveting stages, each dedicated to a distinct facet of the night time economy:

The main stage will host a convergence of leaders from major cities, governance bodies, central government, and global night time economy experts. This platform aims to facilitate collaborative discussions on challenges and opportunities within the night economy, showcasing successful initiatives and fostering cross-disciplinary dialogue. Topics include urban safety, cultural enrichment, economic sustainability, and technology’s role in enhancing the nocturnal experience. The main stage serves as a hub for thought leadership, driving actionable strategies for the evolution of vibrant night economies globally.

Hosted by Defected Records, Stage 2 promises to be an electrifying experience as it plays host to the first two day collaboration with one of the most successful labels in the UK. This stage will be a hub of innovation, featuring insightful conversations on crucial aspects of the electronic music industry, including management strategies, the role of agents, trends in publishing, effective promotional techniques, and the evolving landscape of record labels. With a lineup of experts and influential figures, Stage 2 is set to explore the cutting-edge developments shaping the future of electronic music within the vibrant night-time economy.

During Stage 3, Day 2, we further strengthen our global ties with Vibelab, a key player in the international night-time economy movement. Their unique perspective unfolds on the stage, highlighting innovations in safety, ergonomics, communication, data management, and advocacy. This collaboration underscores our commitment to fostering a safer and more efficient global nightlife experience.

Stage 3 on day 2 at the Night Time Economy Summit hosted by We are the Fair, the discussions surrounding independent festivals and events delve into the myriad challenges that organisers face in this dynamic sector. Independent festivals play a crucial role in shaping the cultural landscape, fostering creativity, and providing unique experiences. However, they often encounter obstacles such as financial constraints, regulatory hurdles, and logistical complexities. Balancing the need for safety and compliance with the desire to maintain the distinctive character of these events is an ongoing challenge. Moreover, the unpredictable nature of external factors, including weather conditions and public health concerns, further adds to the complexity. The summit serves as a platform for stakeholders to collaboratively explore innovative solutions, share best practices, and advocate for policies that support the sustainability and growth of independent festivals within the Night Time Economy.

Step into the spotlight of Stage 4 at the Night Time Economy Summit during the nocturnal hours, where the spotlight is on Advocacy, Accessibility, Diversity, Inclusion, and Sustainability. Delve into an exploration of innovative strategies dedicated to making the night time economy universally accessible while fervently championing diversity and inclusion. As the night unfolds, contribute to a dynamic conversation centred around sustainability, collectively steering toward a greener, more environmentally responsible nocturnal landscape. Join us in engaging in conversations that transcend the night, shaping the future of our after-dark world in ways that truly matter.

As a beacon of innovation, the summit will feature insights from government officials across the UK, including the esteemed partnership of Greater Manchester Combined Authority, ensuring that public policies evolve in tandem with the dynamic needs of the night time economy. Our global network will serve as a bridge, connecting experts worldwide for unparalleled international cooperation and knowledge exchange.

We’re delighted to announce our esteemed partners for the Night Time Economy Summit 2024, including:

  • VibeLab: Elevating nightlife experiences with expertise in the night time economy.
  • Defected: Pioneering the electronic music scene with unforgettable clubbing experiences.
  • We are the Fair: Mastering event production to contribute to the vibrancy of the night time economy.
  • NDML Insurance: Safeguarding businesses and customers in the leisure and hospitality industries.
  • Mustard Media: Igniting creativity in branding, marketing, and communications for the dynamic night time sector.

The Night Time Economy Summit 2024 isn’t just an event; it’s a movement. A convergence of professionals, enthusiasts, and policymakers, it promises an unmatched platform for idea exchange, networking, and groundbreaking innovation. Join us in Manchester at Escape from Freight Island for an experience that transcends boundaries.

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Nikki McNeill | Global Publicity