Santé’s irrepressible AVOTRE label continues to serve up the dance floor heat, this time in the form of a new EP from Eskuche & NuSky. Boosting the tidy original is a remix from Moon Harbour man Philip Bader.

Eskuche is a New York City house and techno DJ who marries modern melodies and compelling grooves together into hot tracks that have seen him guest on Rinse FM as well as releasing on Audio Rehab and remixing on VIVa. His partner here is NuSky, a fellow American with credits for his creamy sounds on labels including Hot Creations and VIVa Music.

The track they serve up is ‘Enjoy,’ a bulky, meaty house track with fat rubbery kicks, groaning, indecipherable vocals from Joyse, clever use of filters and a grinding bassline. It’s the sort of sweat induing cut that has people fist pumping and hip bumping and is a masterclass in teasing and restraint for the way it constant bubbles and boils. A shorter radio edit and main mix is also included.

Then comes the remix from Philip Bader, a long time German tech house producer who never fails to nail a sloppy, infectious groove. His version of the track is just that – fat bottomed, rolling and layered with dry hi hats and tribalistic drums. Darkened vocals add another element of intrigue and the resulting cut is sure to be massive this summer.

Artist Eskuche & NuSky + Philip Bader remix
Cat No: AVOTRE021
Released: 13.07.2015

01. Eskuche & Nusky – Enjoy
02. Eskuche & Nusky – Enjoy – Vocal mix
03. Eskuche & Nusky – Enjoy – Phillip Bader remix