Dutch National Opera and Amsterdam Dance Event team up for an exciting collaboration. In ‘Before Present’ the best of both worlds come together: contemporary opera and electronic dance music. Resulting in an exhilarating performance taking place at Noorderlicht, the ADE festival hub located on the post-industrial NDSM Shipyard site.

Before Present is an examination of and reflection on our current times and state, as seen from the future. What happens when the relevance of our present existence is reduced to historical novelty? This short Electronic Dance Opera can been seen as an attempt to define an archaeology of the present.

DJ-producer Sjamsoedin (Nobody Beats The Drum) remixes compositions by contemporary composer Anat Spiegel. Stage director Sjaron Minailo, known for his cutting edge staging of interdisciplinary operas will lead a group of young singers from Dutch National Opera talent, an actor/singer and a live percussionist in the process of this new creation.

This short opera will be performed on the 19th and 20th of October, at 21:00 hours, prior to two label nights at Noorderlicht. For happy campers, check out the ADE SLEEP/OVER on the NDSM Shipyard!

More info: http://www.operaballet.nl/en/doublebill/2016-2017/show/present