The world has changed, but Westway LAB 2020 has adapted and after postponing their event in April, a hybrid configuration of physical participation along with digital access to its concerts and conferencing will now take from 14th to 17th October.

Westway LAB will kick off their 7th edition by celebrating the legacy of the first 6 years of co-creation and artist residencies on the Wednesday evening with a live-streamed soirée of amazing music created in Guimarães, by previous artists-in-residence.

The concert programme will be reduced to 9 face-to-face shows by national artists taking place in the CCVF Large Auditorium, as well as other performances by international and national artists (including ETEP and INES shows) being showcased via streaming. The PRO Conferences will also be streamed online via a Digital Conference Platform, in partnership with AMAEI, the Portuguese Independent Music Trade Association.

The Pro conference will feature keynotes from Rock in Rio’s  Roberta Medina, Rock in Rio’s Executive VP, as well as Paradigm’s Rob Challice interviewed by Allan McGowan. The conference’s 30 sessions are organized in four conference tracks this year: Westway PRO, INES Sessions – Innovation Network of European Showcases, WHY Portugal Event, which is focused on exporting Portuguese new music, and the new Digital Music Days conference, which AMAEI started last year.

There will also be streamed shows on the digital platform from the following artists; Julian Zyklus (It) Etep, Hickeys (Es) Etep, Aka Neomi (Si) Ines, Misia Furtak (Pl) Ines, Lily Arbor (Se) Ines, Carnival Youth (Lv), Jack Found (Uk), Samuel Coelho (Pt), Anibal Zola (Pt), André Júlio, Turquesa (Pt), Yosune (Pt).

Further digital surprises are also planned, to show Guimarães, from Westway LAB to the world. More info to be announced.

“The demonstration of talent and the sharing of knowledge therefore inevitably follow in this new context, where meetings will take place in the territorial and virtual space, a combination of forms that are here to stay. Because musical creation can’t wait!” Rui Torrinha


Thursday 15 October
Free entrance

Friday 16 October
12,50 eur

Saturday 17 October
12,50 eur

2 days ticket (16, 17 Outubro)
20 eur


Centro Cultural Vila Flor
Centro Internacional das Artes José de Guimarães
Casa da Memória de Guimarães Loja Oficina


CONFERENCE Registration & Schedule:
Registration for all Westway LAB Conference tracks: Westway PRO 2020, INES Sessions, WHY Portugal Event and Digital Music Days 2020. Access to all concerts included.
Early Bird available until Sep 15th
General Admission available between Sep 15th and Oct 15th


14 October – Wednesday

21H30 | CCVF

Artist Residencies – Opening Celebration

15 October – Thursday

10H00-16H30 | CCVF / Digital Platform

PRO Conferences

21H30 | CCVF / Large Auditorium – Seiva (Why Portugal)

22H30 | CCVF / Large Auditorium – Valter Lobo

23H30 | CCVF / Large Auditorium – IAN (Why Portugal)

16 October – Friday

10h00-16h30 | Ccvf / Digital Platform

PRO Conferences

21H30 | CCVF / Large Auditorium – Mão Morta Redux

A Casa Na Praça Trubnaia, De Boris Barnet Filme-Concerto

23H00 | CCVF / Large Auditorium – The Lemon Lovers

24H00 | CCVF / Large Auditorium – Miramar

17 October – Saturday

10H00-12H00 | CCVF / Digital Platform

PRO Conferences

21H30 | CCVF / Large Auditorium – Tó Trips in Surdina De Rodrigo Areias Filme-Concerto

23H00 | CCVF / Large Auditorium – Evols

24H00 | CCVF / Large Auditorium – The Legendary Tigerman


15 October – Thursday

10H00 | INES Session #2: Tracklib and the Future of Sampling

Swedish startup Tracklib is no stranger to returning Westway PRO delegates, as it was a few years ago that keynote Tom Silverman, of Tommy Boy Records, had first introduced us to Tracklib, before it was even in Beta phase. It is the first startup dedicated to legal sample licensing, dealing with both Master rights as well as Publishing rights. Tracklib is now in full swing, fully functional and creating sampling success stories! Emily Otterbeck comes to Portugal to present the future of sampling.

11H00 | Westway PRO: Music Supervisors Panel

Each year, Westway LAB dedicates a session to informal conversations and presentations from music supervisors, to further unveil the details of this professional, virtually unknown in Portugal – but very important for placing music in film, TV, advertising, trailers and videogames. The guests this year are Lena Obara, from Berlin, specializing in film, and Vanessa Jorge Perry, working the complex world of trailers in Los Angeles, also having a special connection to Portugal.

11H00 | INES Session #3: The Future of Public Radio in Europe

Westway LAB, together with its media partner Antena 3, is honored to host two living legends of European Public Radio to debate the present and future of public radio in the European context – both from the political as well as digital perspectives, might radio actually be threatened in the XXI century? Vic Galloway from BBC Scotland and Laurent Marceau of EBU – European Broadcasters Union debate this important theme with a special moderator from Antena 3.

12H00 | Europe in Synch: Project Findings and Final Report Preparation

Music Moves Europe preparatory action “Europe in Synch”, trains young professionals while seeking useful support mechanisms for music for the next Creative Europe programme, 2021-2027. AMAEI – Portuguese Independent Music TA leads the project, which sits at the same table young professionals from the music side along with Catalyst Experts from film and advertising. Project Director Markus Linde, Music Supervisor Nis Bogvad and AMAEI’s President Nuno Saraiva present us with the first findings and learnings from these 12 months of work.

14H00 | WHY Portugal Event: Reeperbahn & BIME Showcases

Portugal’s export office for music, WHY Portugal, announces the repetition of the BIME showcases it started in 2019 with support from the Portuguese Embassy in Madrid; as well as a brand new mission to Reeperbahn via a special invitation from music:Lx, export office for Luxembourg. Vera Wrana from BIME and Giovanni Trono from music:Lx present these events with moderator Ana Rita Feijão, Exec. Coordinator, WHY Portugal.

15H00 | Westway PRO: International Keynote – Rob Challice, Paradigm Agency

Rob Challice is a live music professional with over 35 years’ experience, be it as an agent, promoter or festival organizer. He is one of the founding Directors of Coda Agency Ltd., founded in 2001. Rob has worked with and represented Bon Iver, Billy Bragg, Warpaint, Kings of Convenience, Moses Sumney, Ben Folds, Magnetic Fields, Beirut, John Grant and other great artists. Coda Agency represents over 800 artists and has builts its reputation launching new talents, with several names high-lighted in recent years, such as Bastille, Ellie Goulding, Liam Gallagher, Years & Years, SIA, Disclosure, Rudimental or Prodigy. In 2014, Coda Agency and Paradigm Talent Agency formed an alliance. Rob also participates in the UK Music Live Group, representing the live sector.

16H30 | INES Session #4: Metadata Folklore

Turo Pekari of TEOSTO Futures Lab, Finland, returns to Westway LAB to debate the present and future of metadata – increasingly important in the attribution and distribution of rights royalties. In the context of faster identification of all the interested parties in any given recorded work, will we ever manage to distribute all income to its respective authors and artists in an automated fashion, without money getting lost along the way…? When? And how…?

16 October – Friday

10H00 | INES Session #5: The Future of Music Journalism

The media landscape has been changing over the years with less music publications surviving in print and Covid-19 accelerating the fate of some of our best known titles across Europe. Nikki McNeill of Global PR hosts the panel on the Future of Music Journalism with key journalists discussing the current challenges, why music journalism is still important and what the future looks like. Charlotte Gunn (editor Forty Five, ex NME editor) and more tba

11H00 | GDA Session – Artist Performing Rights Society Session

GDA – The Portuguese Artist Performing Rights Society presents its annual session at Westway LAB PRO. If in previous year it presented new artist-facing platforms such as Faniak, and also introduced several new mechanisms of cultural and social support via its GDA Foundation – including Portugal’s first international showcase support mechanism, in this year of 2020 the discussion will be oriented towards the augmented relevance of digital music, as well as the importance of neighbouring rights in the post-Covid-19 world.

12H00 | INES Session #6: Spain, the neighbour next door?

Westway LAB has already hosted, in previous editions, country focuses to Austria and Canada. Spain, however close, remains a conundrum, apparently hard to unite even in a musical context. Our neighbours? Yes, but which ones? Will Westway LAB succeed in having Spain as our country focus next year? Reps from Live Nation Spain, Last Tour and the export office from the Ballearic Isles discuss this theme.

15H00 | Westway PRO: National Keynote – Roberta Medina, Rock in Rio

Rock in Rio. Rock in Rio Lisboa. Better World. A life in music! Westway LAB is proud to present Roberta Medina as our national keynote of 2020. What was meant to be a retrospective of Roberta’s career and the major event that is Rock in Rio Lisboa now also looks to the future as we ask Roberta for her outlook on live events in a post-Covid world. What can we do in music to make this planet a better world?

16H30 | INES Session #7: Digital Music Days

AMAEI presents the 2nd edition of its Digital Music Days conference, with two days dedicated to the learning and updating of knowledge and best practices with regards to DSPs – Digital Service Providers. After the success of its first edition, sponsored by MERLIN, at the CCB in Lisbon last November, this second edition promises great developments in the Portuguese digital music panorama. The second edition of Digital Music Days will take place on October 15th and 16th offering all Westway LAB delegates additional panels to attend.

17 October – Saturday

10H00 | INES Session #1: Artist Management in Europe

Guna Zučika, from Every Little Thing (LV), is the artist manager for Carnival Youth, who built up their touring career via the showcase festival circuit, Eurosonic, and a synch deal via a Denmark-based campaign that helped them cross borders. Could this great example of career development from a small peripheric country on the other end of Europe teach some best practices for Portuguese artists and their managers? We believe so and kick off the 7th edition of Westway LAB with this highly motivational session – it might even attract a very special guest from Denmark!

(Originally planned for the Wednesday)

11H00 | INES Session #8: Showcase Festivals Panel

Creative Europe’s INES – Innovation Network of European Showcases project was co-founded by GigMit and several showcase events including Westway LAB. The associated showcasing events list has grown and Westway is happy to introduce you to two new showcase festivals that have recently joined the project.

12H00 | Westway PRO: Music Publishers Roundtable

AMAEI, the Portuguese Independent Trade Association, invites national and international music publishers to a discussion on the present state of music publishing in Portugal. There is not a long-standing tradition of independent music publishing in our country (without being connected to multi-national publishing houses or media companies). So, AMAEI once again invites AEOM

– Associação de Editoras de Obras Musicais – to the Westway LAB so it can present the national panorama of publishing and synch. Featuring SyncSongs (PT), Peer Music (PT) and Piranha Publishing (DE), moderated by Robert Singerman (LyricFind).



Julian Zyklus (It) Etep 

Hickeys (Es) Etep

Aka Neomi (Si) Ines

Misia Furtak (Pl) Ines

Lily Arbor (Se) Ines 

Carnival Youth (Lv)

Jack Found (Uk)

Samuel Coelho (Pt) 

Anibal Zola (Pt)

André Júlio Turquesa (Pt) 

Yosune (Pt)

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