Discover the best clubs and DJs wherever you are in the world with the RA Guide app.

Resident Advisor, the world’s largest online electronic music magazine, have announced their first app, RA Guide. The RA Guide will allow users to discover the best clubs in their city and recommend electronic music events personalised to users’ tastes and favourite DJs.

The RA Guide will contain information from RA’s unmatched database of over one million artist, venue and event listings, and will display local events from over 120 countries.

RA co-founder Nick Sabine highlights RA’s ambition for the RA Guide:

Millions of music fans already come to RA every month to discover new music, artists and events. We wanted to develop a product that enhanced that experience by combining RA’s extensive artist tour date data with important user information, like favourite artists and location, to deliver each user an entirely personalised app so they can find the world’s best parties.”

The RA Guide is a natural extension of the company’s industry-standard tour date listings for over 60,000 electronic music artists, enhanced with mobile-only functionality that delivers a unique offering for the world of electronic music. The RA Guide also offers users the chance to easily buy tickets to thousands of events directly in the app.

RA co-founder Paul Clement added:

No other events app is entirely optimised for electronic music. The RA Guide is specifically built for our world.

The RA Guide is available now on iTunes.

About Resident Advisor

Established in 2001, Resident Advisor (RA) is a Webby Award winning online music magazine and community platform that is dedicated to showcasing electronic music, artists and events from around the globe. RA combines high-quality writing and film features with listings, directories and industry tools, creating an ecosystem of content and services for close to three million readers a month. With an audience spanning music fans, club goers, DJs, producers, venue owners, promoters and record labels, RA plays an indispensable role in supporting the electronic music industry worldwide.